Top 10 Best and Most Famous Romantic Novels In The World

Most popular and best romantic novels of the world in 2016 : that still ruling many hearts! If an individual is a diehard fan and a romantic human being by heart that person will watch the world through a rose tint of glass. The better way of exploring the world of love and immense passion through the reading of novels is much preferable than written words. The world of valiance is less acquainted with men now a day.

The list of top 10 romantic novels

Here are a collection of top 10 best and famous romantic novels of the world which has brought up few captivating romantic stories in form of novel which has gained a lot of praise from the eminent readers of the world. The romantic movies have inherent tastes of romance which has succeeded to amidst the turbulent clash of the staunch as well as the wits including the character. Every novel gives out the charm and the beauty among the readers. Sometimes love for nature and the human kind are termed as Romance.

Top 10 Best & Most Famous Romantic Novels in the World
British world has gifted the readers with Top10 best and famous romantic novels of the world so that it can enrich the reading capacity and interest of the novice readers.

1. OUTLANDER : It is a science fiction fantasy Romantic novel which rules the heart of millions of readers even today. The entire novel is like obsessed and the series is based totally in the form of epic style and is also delicious. Diana Gabaldon wrote this novel. The main characters of this Novel are named as Claire who is a British Army Nurse by profession and Scotsman Jamie.

2. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE : The plot of the story of this Romantic novel Pride and Prejudice is set in the background of Georgia. Jane Austin is the author of this piece. The novel is all about fascinating and seductive love as well as life among the agonistic English group. The story progresses to relate the tale of Elizabeth and Mr Darcy who at the end discovers the love for each other.

3. WILDWOOD DANCING : This is a young adult as well as fantasy romantic novel that was written by Juliet Marilier. The plot of the story deals with Jean’s father suffering from serious illness and how every full moon all the sisters go to the kingdoms for certain reasons and in the end jean end up getting into a love relationship with Cezar, although he was rejected by her.

4. ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS : This book is written by Stephanie Perkins. In this novel, the author says that writing about love is another way to relish love; the matter was basically surprising because the novel was filled with amazing moments of love, superb passionate French kisses, awesome declaration of adoration and all that can provide a warm effect to the heart.

5. IF I STAY : This book was a wonderful creation of Gayle Forman. The story is all about the literally as well as the life or death of the main character. She pleads for her boyfriend so that they may live together. It has an emotional approach to all, and provokes wrenching tears and all together it added a flavour of wonderful and enormous effect over the readers.

6. BLANKETS : The romantic novel was written by famous Craig Thompson. It is a tale of a young girl who in this male dominated society is trying to bring certain changes. The perfect romance this particular novel had in it is its most compelling aspects and in this way the gorgeous spaces help to create a diverse range of emotions.

7. THE PRINCESS DAIRIES : This series of writing turned many readers in to a diehard fan towards adult literature. The story is about the romance between couples who showed that they were best friends. They were very charming, happy, and funny type of real couple as depicted in the story.

8. THE PRINCESS BRIDE : This novel is sharp and hilarious in approach but of course a romantic one too. William Goldman wrote this novel which he later penned down in form of script for the film of same name directed by Rob Reiner. A must to read novel for any romantic person.

9. THE NOTEBOOK : One of the most popular romantic novels of all time is Note Book. It was written by Nicholas Spark and got released in the year 1996. The story became so popular that in year 2004 a movie got released based on this novel with same name under the direction of Nick Cassavetes.

10. Anna Karenina : A unique love story which was written by Leo Tolstoy some 100 years back and still reining the world of romance. The central Character is Anna Karenina who is a socialite and a married aristocrat, whose romance with Count Vronsky forms the base of the story.

The above list has succeeded to make their place in the heart of romantic people of all ages. If you want to get the true essence of love then make sure you read the above 10 romantic novels of all time.