Abhishek Bacchan Top 10 Movies – junior of Big B is also set right to give some latest hits in the new season

Abhishek Bacchan is always being considered as the eminent decendent of the Bacchan family .He is a popular face in the Bollywood Industry. He is a popular singer, and also a successful television host. The year 2016 is also going to be an awesome year for this Bollywood celebrity. We need to wait a little to watch him acting in the recent upcoming movies very soon. This junior Bacchan has received three film fare awards for his superb acting and also as a producer which made him rank among the highest paid producer of the industry. The fans of Abhishek are always keen to get the latest Abhishek Bacchan news.

Top 10 movies 2016 of Abhishek Bacchan which we all love to watch again and again

The actor’s love for the game of football is widely known. As Abhishek Bacchan top 10 movies 2016 which people would love to watch it again and again. The most cherished news about this actor is that his movies can make a good business in lakhs also. Let us put some spotlight on the top 10 movies of Abhishek Bacchan.

Abhishek Bacchan Top 10 Movies And Upcoming Movies List 2016
The list is as follows:

1. REFUGEE: This movie is his first debut movie in which the actress opposite was kareena kapoor. This film release earned him much praise and love. It also acted because he was the son of Big B. This movie although was little laid back in the name of the commercially success movies.

2. DHOOM: The action movie Dhoom is among the box office hits and among the famous Dhoom series. There were also many eminent actors in the movie that helped to make it a super hit movie with lots of fun and thrill in it.

3. YUVA: He received the best actor in the supporting role in the film. This film by him was nominated as a commercial hit movie and gained lots of success in it. The role he played was just amazing if described in one word.

4. BUNTY AUR BABLI: This movie was a family movie for him. This is so because the Entire Bacchan family except Jaya Bacchan was casting in the lead roles of the film. Amitabh Bacchan, Ashwariya Rai Bacchan, and Abhishek Bacchan were the roles which played an important milestone who fetched success to the movie as a whole. This film was also a commercial hit in the box office.

5. GURU: The movie with the star casting of Ashwariya Rai Bacchan and Abhishek Bacchan was based on a political plot which created an atmosphere of love, romance, politics, dareness and suspense in the movie till the end. This was a hit movie of both of their career.

6. DOSTANA: John Abraham and Abhishek Bacchan together played roles of two gay boys who were bluffing everyone that they were in a relationship with each other yet they both were in love of a sweet lady, Priyanka Chopra. The songs in this film were very cozy and demanding to the listeners. It was a different movie of his career which consists of a different taste.

7. PAA: this movie was a super duper hit of his career. He was the producer of the film and received the National award for this movie. It was also the best feature film that has ever been directed in the history of the Bollywood Industry.

8. DHOOM 2: The series of Dhoom carried forward the best ever thrill and dashing enjoyment with the bike-racing styles was again a blockbuster in the box office. Young generation to the elder ones were all looking forward to the casts of the movie to come up with the next project of Dhoom as the role of police played by him was just splendid.

9. Kabhi alvida Na kehena: This movie casting had Shah Rukh khan, Rani Mukherji, Preity Zinta and Abhishek Bacchan who all together made it a success in the box office as well as turned out to be a magical commercial hit.

10. SARKAR: this was again a political movie with lots of politics and vast tension in it. The plot of the story is based on the national politics within the country and the eradication of bad deeds from the kingdom of good deed.

Abhishek Bacchan’s Upcoming movies 2016

We can expect some more new block blasters from. Among Abhishek Bacchan new movies 2016 we can truly plan to watch up are:

• Dostana 2: This is the upcoming movie on which Abhishek Bacchan is working on right now, we all are hoping for the best as all his fans are sitting back so that they can enjoy his movie just on the first day and in the first show.

• Hera Pheri 3: As the name suggests it could be expected that the movie will be filled with comedy and much romance.

• Housefull 3: Staring with Jacqueline Fernandez, hopefully this movie is expected to be the best of the season so that the viewers can enjoy a fresh movie with romantic scenes and where love and care will dominate the atmosphere.

Hence if you are waiting to catch hold of some of the super hit movies of the season, then just pull up your socks so that in the upcoming year 2016 junior Bachhan’s fans could watch a fresh hit by their favourite hero. The latest news about the actor Abhishek Bacchan is that he is all set right with his movies and is also enjoying a happy life with his family and his daughter.