Aditya Roy Kapoor top 10 movies 2016 – An inspiration for all young upcoming stars

Aditya Roy Kapoor top 10 movies till 2016 : The famous character of Omar Siddiqui is now trying to make a new chemistry for his new movie, after he bagged the award of Jodi no 1 with Shraddha Kapoor. The hero had a great time with Parineeti Chopra on the way back from a shoot. They had shared a great time and news even came that this September, during the shoot of Aditya Roy Kapoor latest movies, he shared a day at Parineeti’s house also. On the other hand, Aditya Roy Kapoor might have got his biggest fan this year. The hero of Ashiqui 2 was haunted by the lady to ultimately reach him and talk to him. They had a long chat and the girl finally expressed her wish to be a friend of his. Aditya Roy Kapoor confirmed her proposal and declared that he will be in touch with her. However the upcoming Bollywood hero had been growing with the latest movies after the award winning Yeh jawani hai diwani.

The top ten movies of Aditya Roy Kapoor have in it the famous three movies like Guzaris, Yeh jawani hai diwani and the famous Ashiqui2, but this is just the starting, as his body language says.

Aditya Roy Kapoor Top 10 Movies And Upcoming Movies 2016

Top 10 Movies of Aditya Roy Kapoor

The upcoming Bollywood hero has many movies set in his career and here is the list of Aditya Roy Kapoor top 10 movies 2016. The movie has been super hit and has got praises from the movie lovers.

1. London Dreams- The Wasim Khan of the movie has bagged many appraises from the movie and Bollywood found a new offbeat hero in their new movies.

2. Action Replay- Aditya Roy Kapoor movie list has been enriched with this movie where he played the role of Bunty. The movie has also got much appraise from different halls of movie lovers.

3. Guzaarish- The Omar Siddiqui role of Aditya Roy Kapoor in the movie was a master stroke from the young actor and he, by his role in the movie, made his position in the Bollywood industry quite well for getting new and challenging assignments.

4. Ashiqui 2- The super hit movie of 2013 fetched Aditya Roy Kapoor enough awards to put him up for new movies. His role in the movie as Rahul Jaykar not only gave him fame, but also fetched him best actor award also. The chemistry with Shraddha Kapoor in the movie also was not mistaken by the film industry and they got the best award for the Jodi no. 1 for the movie.

5. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewaani- Yet another movie that made Aditya Roy Kapoor a star was in the year 2013. He proved his ability as a supporting actor also, and the movie also fetched him film fare award for the best supporting actor as Avinash Arora in the movie.

6. Daawat-e-Ishq- Although no award has been received from the movie, but his role in the movie was noticed greatly and with critics also. The movie was a big hit and his critical role included it in the Aditya Roy Kapoor best movies also.

The Aditya Roy Kapoor latest movies are however going to give him better and more challenging roles, which will be providing him some more space to prove his abilities. The next assignment has proved that Aditya was successful in his agenda.

Upcoming Movies in 2016 of Aditya Roy Kapoor

• Fitoor: The brilliant role of the actor made him sign for a super movie, where the superstar Katrina Kaif and the evergreen actress Rekha will be star casting with Aditya Roy Kapoor in the Aditya Roy Kapoor latest movies. The movie, Fitoor will be released in 2016 and the movie is thought to be listed in the Aditya Roy Kapoor top 10 movies for lifetime. The role of Aditya Roy Kapoor will be more critical, as suggested by most of the movie channels.

The movie is going to be a big hit, as the director and producer is eyeing. But whatever or whoever may be the movie, the role of Aditya is going to be a critical one, as Aditya has confirmed from some sources. He is going through the role quite seriously to bang again.

The brilliant actor will be starring in the Aditya Roy Kapoor upcoming movies Fitoor with Rekha and Katrina Kaif, and the movie will be released in the first half of 2016, as known from the delicate sources. Expectations are pretty high from this young talented actor of Bollywood Aditya Roy Kapoor, Let’s see how he performs.