Arjun Kapoor Top 10 Movies 2016 – the biggest heartthrob among young viewers

Arjun Kapoor is the mostly heard recent hero from Bollywood, who have entered the film industry as a critical role player and day by day he is establishing himself as a critical role specialist for the industry. The hero is the son of the famous producer, Boney Kapoor and has been excelling superbly in the industry, beyond the expectations. The hero has made his debut in the film Ishaqzaade, but the next roles proved him even better. Arjun kapoor latest movies have topped the list of the Bollywood most hit movies and that made the directors and producers crazier to sign him up for the next movies. He is cute, he is sober, he is talented and he knows well how to win the hearts of his fans. We can call him a perfect man who deserves to win a place in the Bollywood industry as a talented actor.

Top 10 Movies 2016 of Arjun Kapoor

The actor from the Sridevi family had made his debut in the film Ishaqzaade, where he played a superb role as a hero and also as a villain. The role really got many praises and the son of Bonney kapoor came up thus with a big bang.

Arjun Kapoor Top 10 Movies And Upcoming Movies 2016

The top movies of Arjun Kapoor have been thus given as below.

1. Ishaqzaade- The son of a minister tries to cheat the girl of the opposition party and ultimately feels the responsibility for her. The character Parma Chauhan was a real hit and that was the way Arjun Kapoor came up in his career. The debut film was enough to prove his talent and that took him up for signing the super hit movie Aurangzeb for the next year.

2. Aurangzeb- This has been a name in the list of Arjun Kapoor best movies. He had two roles to play in the movie and he managed both the roles of Ajay and Vishal quite effectively to prove his efficiency in the critical role of the movies of Bollywood film industry again. The movie and especially the role of Arjun have brought in many critics and appraisals. Some experts say that, after such performance in the movie he will never have to look behind for further assignments and the new series of roles are the proof of that.

3. Gunday- This year the great role again follows Arjun to make him the critical role as Bala Bhattacharya in Gunday. In the film, he had been a co-actor as well as the villain with the star hero, Ranveer Singh as the hero of the movie. The role of Arjun was against a critical one and again he got a big praise for the movie.

4. 2 States- The movie is ensuring that Arjun Kapoor best movie list will have critical roles only as his role as Krish Malhotra in the movie is again a critical one. The movie is having Arjun as the main hero and is also getting enough appraisals for the young actor.

5. Finding Fanny- The movie is again a jodi of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. The movie is a Hindi movie, but is dubbed in English also. The movie is really critical one and deserves a big praise for both the heroes of the movie.

Upcoming Movies 2016 of Arjun Kapoor

After a continuous hits and critics for his typical roles, Arjun Kapoor has signed for two upcoming movies and the Arjun Kapoor upcoming movies in 2016 are as below.

1. Ki and Ka- The movie is again thought to have a critical role for Arjun Kapoor as if the directors have chosen him to be the most critical role player in the entire film industry. The movie is going to be released this year only in November or December and the movie is eyed to be a big hit by the director, producer and the entire team.

2. Ram Lakhan Remake – Not like the typical hind action movie, but a big screen thriller, this movie may remind the viewers about some old thriller in a new makeup. The role of Arjun has been superb in the movie, but the movie still not set to get released. The director has promised arjun that the movie will remain as a glow in the list of Arjun Kapoor top ten movies for his entire film life.

Arjun kapoor has a filmy family background, but who knows then reason to be such a great critical role player. Some say that he is such a good actor for his father, and some say that such an actor is born and not made. However these critics will remain forever or at least till that time, when Arjun won’t stop playing critical roles in the industry. Expectation is pretty high from this young actor Arjun Kapoor and his upcoming films 2016 which will very soon hit the floor of theatres.