Top 10 Biggest Entertainers of Bollywood in 2016 : Entertainment and the makers of entertainment from Bollywood

Top 10 Biggest Entertainers of Bollywood in 2016: Bollywood is known for its amazing abilities that entertain the viewers through various mediums like film, music, dance, drama and so on. There are plenty of comedians, actors, actresses, filmmakers and musicians who work hard to bring to us the most acclaimed works of art that are entertaining as well. Entertaining the audience and viewers is not at all an easy job and needs lots of effort at the end of entertainer to create a positive impact on the individuals watching them out.

Top 10 Biggest Entertainers of Bollywood in 2016

Meet the top biggest entertainers of 2016 from world of entertainment Bollywood

The entertainers compiled this list are highly talented and popular because they help us to relieve our stress by bringing forth a range of entertainment options which we can choose as per our likes and preferences.

Here is a list of the top ten biggest entertainers of Bollywood for the year 2016.

This list is a compilation across various streams of entertainment that Bollywood can provide us with.

1. Karan Johar : He is one of the most well- known filmmakers from Bollywood. Not only have his romantic movies made him a favourite among many but his wit and humour on several realities TV shows added to his popularity. In addition to that, his very own chat show is a hub for the most sophisticated entertainment on the Indian television.

2. Aamir Khan : Always known as a perfectionist, Aamir has been making films that are not just entertaining but extremely thought provoking too. The way he blends his acting skills with social issues that he cares about is highly remarkable.

3. Ekta Kapoor : She came to the limelight with her highly popular soap operas that were based on dramatic versions of the Indian scenario. As she moved on to films, she made her mark through films in several genres including comedy and horror.

4. Rajkumar Hirani : He is another filmmaker who is known for his abilities to bring interesting elements on the big screen. His films are entertaining, and his media sites are equally fascinating for all.

5. Shahrukh Khan : He is probably the most famous Bollywood actors in the modern times. Loved for his romantic performances and films that include a lot of different aspects of comedy, drama and fiction, he is both entertaining and a sport for humour and criticism.

6. Salman Khan : Another highly popular Bollywood entertainer, he is adored by all due to his demeanour and the way he cares about the society too. Not only are his films of a unique kind but also the way he presents himself on television programmes across multiple channels.

7. Vidhu Vinod Chopra: He is considered to be one of the most successful film producers in Bollywood. He always has something new with which he can conveniently entertain the audience and keep them hanging on for more versatility.

8. Kapil Sharma : Who can deny the effect this comedian has had on all of us? Though not directly working in Bollywood, he offers a unique platform for the promotion of the latest Bollywood films, music and more. His incredible sense of humour has completely changed the way we look at things around us.

9. Priyanka Chopra : From modelling to acting and now even singing, this Bollywood beauty is a real diva. Her acting skills have been much appreciated, and the way she brings together all her skills are genuinely entertaining.

10. Alia Bhatt : She has been laughed at for her lack of general knowledge and dumb answers to interview questions, but the fact that she chose to laugh at herself and shrug off the jeers truly makes her a sport. In addition to that her bubbly nature, ability to laugh and make others laugh along with her acting talent makes her quite popular.

Bollywood is the hub of entertainment in India. These biggest entertainers of 2016 are the best example of how this industry is capable of doing so much in terms of keeping the audience engaged. Expectation is pretty high that in coming time these biggest entertainers will keep on entertaining and making their fans happy.