Top 10 highest paid Bollywood Actors of 2016 : The sensational actors of Bollywood which acting skills made them rich and successful

Top 10 highest paid Bollywood Actors of 2016 : Movies with big budget have now become common in the Bollywood Industry. There is also a competition among the top Bollywood actors to charge quite large amount money for a movie. Even though there is a recession in the economic conditions, the salaries of the actors keep rising. The actors need to work really hard to make a place in the mind and heart of the fans. If they are popular among the fans then there is high chance for them to experience box office success for their films and a golden chance to earn better in the industry.

top 10 highest paid Bollywood Actors in 2016 list

The Bollywood actors who are Rich and successful in the industry of entertainment in 2016

You will get surprised after going through the amount of money they earn per movie. Hope you will get one of your favourite actors in the below list.

Here is the list of top 10 highest paid Bollywood Actors of 2016 –

1. Salman Khan- He is a popular Indian actor, television personality, philanthropist and a producer. He was born on 27th December, 1965 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. He received the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut for second film Maine Pyar Kiya (1989). According to the current reports, Salman Khan charges about 55 crore for a movie besides a considerable share from the profit.

2. Akshay Kumar- He is also a renowned Indian film actor, martial artist and producer who was born on 9th September 1967 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He has won Fimfare Awards two times in his career. Akshay Kumar charges about 40 to 45 crore for a movie besides a big percentage from the profit. He is also one of the top 10 highest paid Bollywood Actors of 2016.

3. Aamir Khan- He is a well-known Indian film actor, producer, director and a television presenter. He has numerous successful movies in his career. Aamir Khan charges about 45 crore per movie besides a hefty share from the profit.

4. Shahrukh Khan- He is also a renowned Bollywood actor, film producer and a television personality. He gets about 35 to 40 crore per movie other than the percentage of profit from each movie.

5. Ranbir Kapoor- He is one of the popular Indian actors born on 28th September, 1982 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Within a very short period of time, he has been one of the highest paid Bollywood Actors of 2015. Currently he charges about 25 to 27 crore for a movie.

6. Hrithik Roshan- He is a renowned Indian film actor who has made a successful career in the Bollywood Industry and has won six Filmfare Awards. He charges about 30 crores for a movie. Hrithik Roshan is also one of the highest paid actors of 2016.

7. Ajay Devgan- He is one of the popular Indian Film actors of recent times. Ajay Devgan has won numerous awards in his career and including the two National Awards. Besides a big share from the total profit, he also charges 22 to 25 crore per movie.

8. Amitabh Bachchan- He is one of the most popular Indian film Actors born on 11th October 1942 in Allahabad, United Provinces, India. He gained popularity after being casted for the movies Deewar and Zanjeer in the early 1970. He has also won many awards in his career, including various International Awards and three National Awards for the Best Actor. Amitabh Bachchan charges about 18 to 20 crore per movie.

9. Ranveer Singh- He is also one of the renowned actors in the current Bollywood industry. He was born on 6th July, 1985 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Due to his unique talent, Ranbir kapoor has managed to charge about 12 to 15 crore for a movie. This seems to be the start of Ranveer Kapoor.

10. Saif Ali Khan- He is one of the popular Indian Actor and producer in the Bollywood Industry. He is the son of well- known Indian cricketer Mansoor Ali Khan and actress Sharmila Tagore. He charges an amount of 15 crore for a movie.

These are the top 10 highest paid Bollywood Actors of 2016, The talent of these actors have been highly praised by many of their loyal fans.