Top New bollywood movies 2015-2016 : which are must to watch

What are the Bollywood movies 2015-2016 which are must to watch : Bollywood movies such a type of entertainment that entertains people of India as well as around the world for decades. It has gives us most precious, memorable pieces of art of all time those we can watch as many time as we want. Maybe the greatest impact of Bollywood has been on patriotism in India itself, where alongside rest of Indian film, it has gotten to be part and bundle of the ‘Indian story’.

In the expressions of the economist and Bollywood biographer Lord Meghnad Desai Music is the other most important part of Indian films. Bollywood movies are incomplete without music& songs.A film’s prosperity frequently relies on the nature of such musical numbers. Indeed, a film’s music is regularly discharged before the motion picture gets released as it helps in expanding the group of onlookers. So it is the pleasure to discuss on such topic like Bollywood movies& it’s all about.

new top Bollywood movies 2015-2016

The list of top 10 Bollywood movies 2015-2016:

Now we are going to get a quick look on some new upcoming Bollywood movies in 2015 and 2016 which have already made noise in mass. Indian film industry is enriched with stories those have a great influence among the viewers. Some of them have the patriotic value that inspire the patriotism & re memorize the devotion, sacrifice given by our freedom fighters. Or, it occurs the feeling to protest against the misfortune scattered in Indian society by various causes. The romantic genre has evoked the passion in youth of all generation. Such movies gives the power & dare to the lovers to express their feelings socially.

So there are much kind of genres exists in Bollywood those are as powerful to motivate & inspire in many aspects of one’s life. Counting is going on with other genres like horror, comedy, thriller, action, melodrama, family drama, musical stories etc. Some of the Bollywood movies are coming along with the impact forever too.

List of top 10 Bollywood movies in 2015 and 2016 are as follows:

1. Roy – releasing in February 2015. An affection triangle spinning around the lives of a movie producer, a cheat and their shared adoration interest. In Roy, Ranbir will turn cheat, where he will again assume the title part of Roy. Arjun Rampal is thrown inverse Jacqueline and Ranbir does not get to sentiment anybody in this film. Jacqueline will be assuming a twofold part and Ranbir’s character is included in settling a riddle alongside the assistance of cops. A must watch movie and audiences are eagerly waiting for its release.

2. Gabbar – Gabbar Singh Rajput (Akshay Kumar) makes his own particular vigilante military system called the Anti-Corruption Force (ACF) that takes out the most degenerate people, from all kinds of different backgrounds, in a precise way. Releasing in January 2015. The story seems to be interesting so we need to wait and watch.