Top New bollywood movies 2015-2016 : which are must to watch

3. Fan–Coming on the month of August in 2015. Shahrukh Khan, will now assume the part of being the greatest fan himself in the anticipated film. Our very own Shahrukh khan is surely going to give a nice gift to his fans with this movie.

4. Bajirao Mastani – The story of sentiment between the second wife, Mastani of an Indian General, Peshwa Baji Rao I. The movie is coming on December 2015. Seems to be a different story altogether.

5. Mohenjodaro – Releasing on December 2015. A periodical enterprise and affection story set to amid the Indus Valley Civilization. The touch of history will surely give some boom in the box office with its release.

6. Tamasha – This one is also coming on the month of December in 2015. Situated in France, this abnormal fable revealed the lives of a wanderer and a visitor who progressively create affection for one another as they arrange “Tamashas” all over the island.