Amy Adams top 10 movies that entertains you amazingly

Amy Adams is a well known personality in Hollywood industry. She is an American actor as well as a wonderful singer. She had begun her journey on a stage show in dinner theater. She started her career in the year 1995 and Drop dead gorgeous was her debut film. She received awards for her excellent performance in various films. She got nomination for the fifth Oscar award for the category, best female actor. She created history by getting four times Oscar nomination for best supporting actress.

Amy Adams top 10 movies 2016 which every audience who loves quality movies will like

Amy Adams has been entertaining her audience for a long time. She wonderfully performed her task in each of the characters that she has undertaken. Adams started dating with the actor Darren Le Gallo and later she has got married with this artist and actor. After that she has became a mother of a daughter. Her work is amazingly accepted by her fans and audience.

Amy Adams Top 10 Movies list and upcoming movies in 2016
Her top most films till 2016 are:

1. Sunshine Cleaning – With this film Adam started her career. In this movie she started her own business, which is all about cleaning the crime. Then she has attempted to send her only son in a very exclusive school. In this film her character is funny and serious both.

2. Enchanted – It is a Disney based romantic comedy film where Adams plays a role named Gisalle, who is pushing out of her imaginary and animated world. In this story there is an evil queen who has come to New York City and she fell in love and affection with a famous divorce lawyer named, Robert. Adam has got Saturn award for this film and nominated for the best actress category in the Golden Globe award.

3. Her – This film is about Theodore. He is a writer but he is very lonely. He has started a relationship with a female voice computer operating system and her name is Samantha. This was one of Amy Adams best movies. This film is nominated for 3rd Golden Globe award and also received 5th academy nomination.

4. Julie & Julia – It is a dramatic comedy film. Julie Powell is a famous chef who wants to cook 524 recipes in 365 days of Julia child. Adams plays the role of Julie who is a tele caller at call centre and she is tired of her unexciting life and has decided to change her life by doing all the staffs which give her joy.

5. June bug – In this film Adam plays the character named, Ashley Johnston. She has got engaged recently and wants to meet her in-laws and for this reason she has came to North Carolina. Adam has awarded with Academy Award in this film and also nominated for best supportive role in Screen Guild award.

6. Charlie Wilson’s war – This film is based on political and Government issues. Adam plays the role who deals with the political issues. This is a true story which is based on the congress man Mr. Charlie Wilson’s dealing in Afghanistan. This is one of the serious roles and among the Amy Adams latest news.

7. Night at the museum; Battle of Smithsonian – Adams plays a character, named Amelia Earhart. It is a fun based, educational and very exciting movie. This is one of Amy Adams top 10 movies.

8. The Muppets – In this film Adams has helped the Muppets for reunited to sell the old theater from a greedy man. This film takes her in a level of experience.

9. Man of Steel – Amy Adams has started her career in the new series of the Superman, she has played the character Lois Lane She had added a fresh air to this film.

10. Leap Year – It is a romantic comedy. In this film Adam plays a character of up lighted woman. This film managed to be among Amy Adams movies lists.

Amy Adams Upcoming movies 2016

Her upcoming projects are

Nocturnal Animals : This film is Based on Austin Wright’s book ‘Tony and Susan’. The other lead casts of the film are Jake Gyllenhaal, Isla Fisher, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. The genre of this movie is Drama.

• The Justice League Part One: We need to wait for this movie a bit and it may hit the floor of theaters by next year end.
Amy Adams is a truly versatile actor. Her fans are waiting for the supernatural war series and the novel influenced film. Being a true fan of Amy Adams we all will be waiting for the upcoming movies to hit the theaters