Ben Stiller‘s top 10 movies that entertains you amazingly

Ben stiller is a renowned personality in the Hollywood industry. Benjamin Edward Stiller is an American film maker, actor and also comedian. He has started his career by making documentaries. His first Show was The Ben Stiller Show; he hosted the entire show including 13 mega episodes. He was also the producer of this show. Then he started his career as an actor. Throughout his vocation he has produced, written, directed, starred in more than 50 films. He has got many awards in his film career. Like as Emmy award, MTV Award for the best movie, Teen choice trophy etc.

Ben Stiller top 10 movies 2016 that entertains you

Ben Stiller’s latest news has been entertaining his fans and audience for a long time. He wonderfully performed his work in each of the characters that he has undertaken. He has dated many of his female co-stars in his long film career. He has got married with Christine Taylor in the month of May, 2000. Ben Stiller was a big supporter of Democratic Party and has donated a lot of money to the Presidential campaign of John Kerry in U.S on 2004. His work is amazingly accepted by his fans and audience.

Ben Stiller top 10 movies and upcoming movies list in 2016

His top most films are:

1. Zoolander – This is a comedy film. In this film Ben Stiller plays a character of fashion model who has brainwashed to murder the Malaysian Prime minister. His wife Christine Taylor was his co – star. At the end of the film He has transformed into a sweet guy from a stupid model.

2. Madagascar: Escape to Africa – This is an animated comedy which is produced by DreamWorks Animation. It was a sequel picture of Madagascar. This movie has started like; this is the prequel of the previous one. In this film. The audience and the fans of Ben stiller could see his ability in the comic movies.

3. Reality Bites – This is a romantic drama. He has directed this film. The film was becoming a cult classic and this film was a blockbuster hit on that time. In this film Stiller has worked behind the camera as well as front camera. A great work by this star which will be remembered by his fans.

4. There’s something about Mary – This is a romantic comedy. The Farrelly brothers were the directors of this film. By this film Ben Stiller’s career has taken a turn into the mainstream movies. The character Ted was becoming obsessed about Mary and then he tried to get her girl by hook or crook. This is one of the best movies of Ben Stiller Movie lists.

5. Along came Polly – This is a romantic comedy. In this film Jenifer Anniston was his co – star. In this film Stiller’s performance was just stunning and by his task the film filled the mind of audience with happiness.

6. Mystery Men – This film is based on the comics of Burden, named Flaming Carrot. This book is published by Dark horse. Janoen Garofalo was his co-star. This film was about the group of super heroes who tried to save the original heroes from the super villains.

7. Night at the Museum – This film was an adventure comedy. In this film Ben Stiller has played a character of a night guard whose duty is at the museum of New York City. This movie has its sequel named, Night at the museum: Battle of Smithsonian.

8. Meet the Fockers – This film is a sequel of Meet the Parents. It is a comedy. These two films were blockbuster hit. This is one of the Ben Stiller best movie.

9. Madagascar – It was an animated company. This film was released on 2005. The central zoo of New York City was the main attraction of this movie.

10. Meet the Parents – This is a prequel of Meet the Fockers. This was a physical comedy. This movie is considered as Ben Stiller top 10 movies 2016.

Upcoming Projects of Ben Stiller in 2016 – Must to watch

We are very sure about the fact being an absolute fan of this awesome Hollywood star you all will be waiting to get the list of upcoming movies 2016 which are about to the hit the theaters in coming time for your absolute entertainment.

1. Zoolander 2 – This comedy film will be released soon. This is mainly based on fashion industry,

2. Hardy Men – This movie is all about two persons who want to make their career as detectives. Ben stiller and Tom Cruise are going to play the roles.

His fans are eagerly waiting for Ben Stiller new movies 2016. Do not worry Ben Stiller films are going to be the one which will surely entertain you and give you the chance to refresh your mind in an absolute amazing way.