Benedict Cumberbatch top 10 movies that entertains you amazingly

Benedict Cumberbatch is a renowned personality in the Hollywood industry. He is a film producer and actor. He has performed in television, radio, film and radio. He has started his career by an open air theatre. His first film released on 2003, named -to kill a king. He received several awards, like BAFTA, Olivier Award etc.

If we start explaining the excellence of the star in the Hollywood industry then word will fell short and so without wasting much time on that we will straight way go to check out what are those films of this star which managed to create a niche position in the heart of his fans.

Benedict Cumberbatch top 10 movies 2016 that entertains you

Benedict Cumberbatch’s latest news has been entertaining his fans and audience for a long time. He wonderfully performed his work in each of the characters that he has undertaken. In 1999 Benedict Has started dating with the famous female actor Olivia Poulet. After Olivia, he dated with Anna James. But After 1 year they have separated. Then he has got engaged with Sophie Hunter but in 2009 they broke up. His work is amazingly accepted by his fans and audience.

Benedict Cumberbatch top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016
His top most films are:

1. Star trek into Darkness – This is an American film. Benedict has played a role, named Khan. It is an action movie which is based on science fiction. This movie earns $467 Dollars worldwide. It was a critically successful movie. This is one of the best movies which will surely make place in popular Benedict CumberBatch’s Movie lists.

2. War Horse – This film is based on Indo American war. Steven Spielberg is the director of this film. Benedict has played the role of Major Jamie Stewart. This film is influenced by the novel First World War by Michel Morpurgo. This movie was a box office hit.

3. Atonement- It is a British Romantic film and also war based. It is based on the novel-Same Same by Ian McEwen. Benedict has played the role, named Paul Marshall. This film has opened the film festival of Venice.

4 The Hobbit: an unexpected journey – This film is an epic and fantasy based adventure film. Peter Jackson is the director of this film. This film was nominated for BAFTA Awards. Benedict has played the role of Necromancer. This is one of the Benedict Cumberbatch best movies.

5. The Whistleblower – Larysa Kondracki’s one of the best directed movie is The Whistleblower. It is a thriller film. This film has opened at Toronto film festival. This film has nominated at Genie Awards. Benedict’s character name was Nick Kaufman.

6. Creation – It is a biographical drama movie. Jon Amiel was the director of this movie. This was a super hit film. Joseph Dalton Hooker was the name of Benedict’s character. This film was a conjunction of biographical and fictionalized concept.

7. The fifth Estate – It is a thriller movie which was directed by Bill Condon. This film is about the Wick licks episode. Benedict has played the character of Julian Assange. His role was the Chief Editor of Wiki- licks. This film receives a mixed reaction of audience and also the critical reviews. This film has performed very well in the cities of North America,

8. Wreckers – D.R Hood has directed this movie on 2011. It is a drama film. The story of this film is based on a married couple’s relationship who wants to start their family but the rivalry and misunderstanding with the husband’s brother makes their life miserable.

9. The other Boleyn Girl – Justin Chadwick has directed this movie on 2008. His movie is one of the Benedict Cumberbatch top 10 movies. It is based on a romantic drama on 16th century.

10. 12 Years a slave – It is a historical drama. This film is influenced by the book Twelve years of a slave which has written by Solomon Northup. Audience can see Benedict as the character of William Ford.

Upcoming projects of Benedict Cumberbatch in 2016

Benedict will bang the theaters with his upcoming projects like Hamlet and Magik.

1. The Current War – This theatre will be performed by Benedict Cumberbatch.  In 2016 This Show will be performed at Barbican Theater in London.

2. Magik – It is an animated film. This is one of the Benedict Cumberbatch new movies 2016. This is a story about a brilliant and successful author.

3. Flying Horse- Here in this film Benedict Cumberbatch will star in this movie.

4. Doctor Strange- In this movie Benedict Cumberbatch will play an important role.

This is not the end of upcoming films of this star. Very soon we are going to update it with more movie names which you will surely love to watch Beyond any doubt.

He is all set to entertain his fans and to help you experience something new with his performance. This actor is also ready to mesmerize you with his brilliant performance. Be ready to watch out Benedict Cumberbatch films