Bruce Willis top 10 movies that entertains you amazingly

Walter Bruce Willis is a renowned personality in the Hollywood industry. He is an American actor, singer and producer. He started his career by the stage show named, Off Broadway. In 1980 he started his television career and then he has continued his career both in films and television. He is a versatile actor. He acts very well in different genres like comedy, drama and action. His first film was Blind Date.

Bruce Willis top 10 movies in 2016 that entertains you

Bruce Willis’s latest news has been entertaining his fans and audience for a long time. He wonderfully performed his work in each of the characters that he has undertaken. In 1987 he has got married with Demi Moore. In 2000 they broke up and he has got engaged with Brooke Burns. They have stayed together during 10 months. Then he has got married with Emma Heming. His work is amazingly accepted by his fans and audience.

Bruce Willis top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016

His top most films are:

1. What just Happened? – The character played by the star in this movie is one of the funniest characters in Bruce’s film career. Robert De Nero was his co – star. His fans will get to watch Willis in this type of strict comedy.

2. The fifth element – This film is a mixture of comedy, action and science fiction. Luc Besson has directed this film. Korben Dallas is the name of Willis’s character in the film.

3. Armageddon – Michael Bay has directed this movie. This is a science fiction film with an essence with thrilling disaster. In 1988 Armageddon is the highest grossing movie. Film critics gave mixed reviews on this film. This is one of the best movies of Bruce Willis’s Movie lists.

4. Twelve Monkeys – Terry Gilliam has directed this film in 1995. It is a science fiction film. In this film Brad Pitt has got nominated for the Academy award. James cole is the name of his character of Willis. A must watch movie for Willis Fan.

5. Sin City – This film is an American thriller anthology. This film story is based on the novel Same-Name written by miller. This film is directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.

6. Unbreakable – This film is an American thriller film. M. Night Shyamalan is the director of this film. The story is based on a security guard Philadelphia who discovers that he has a supernatural qualities and the super hero ability. . This is one of the Bruce Willis best movies

7. Looper- Looper is a science fiction film, based on action thriller. In this film there is a Time travel machine by 2074 which detected the criminals. This film has opened in the film festival of Torronto.

8. The sixth sense – This is an American thriller film based on the super natural’s power. M. Night Shyamalan is the director and writer of this film. In this film a boy has the ability to talk to the death persons. This film has received very good reactions from audience and good comments from critics.

9. Pulp Fiction- Quentin Tarantino is the director and the writer of this film. This film releases in 1994. This is a comedy crime movie. This film has designed in a very stylish manner and it has a very interesting storyline. This movie is one of the Bruce Willis top 10 movies

10. Die Hard – John Mc Tiernan is the director of this film. This is an American film which based on action. This movie is all about a terrorist attack. This film releases in 1988. Bruce Willis plays the character of John McClain. He is a New York police who has came to Los Angles for his wife, who has tucked into the terrorist attack. This film is one of the must watch movies of this brilliant star of Hollywood.

Upcoming projects of Bruce Willis in 2016

Bruce Wills will bang the theaters with his upcoming projects like Rock the Kasbah and Labor of Love.

1. Labor of Love – This is a romantic drama movie with a flavor of mystery. M. Night Shyamalan is the director and the writer of this film. This is one of the Bruce Willis new movies 2016.

He is all set to make you highly entertain and to help you experience something new with his performance. This actor is also ready to mesmerize you with his brilliant performance. We are quite sure about the fact that these upcoming films of this star will surely do well in the Box office. It’s just time for us to wait and watch Bruce Willis Movies.