Cameron Diaz top 10 Movies that will leave you highly mesmerized

Cameron Diaz is a popular name of the Hollywood industry. She has been amazingly popular for entertaining her spectators in the most amazing way. She is presently the highest paid actress of the Hollywood film industry. She is also known for her matured look and unique acting dexterity with which she carries off any role very ably. With the coming year of 2016 she is likely to do some wonders at the box office the same way she rocked before. She is also the perfect demand of the BAFTA Nominee.

Cameron Diaz top 10 movies that entertains you greatly

Cameron Diaz is always known for her wonderful feat and immense gaze with which she captivates her audiences and fans. Cameron Diaz latest news is always cherished and enjoyed by her fans and it gives them a unique occasion to gain information about her forthcoming projects and new fashion proclamation. Let us take a look at the wonderful ten movies of the actress. She is one such star of Hollywood whose movies gives a fabulous outline.

Cameron Diaz top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016

The Cameron Diaz top 10 movies are as follows:

If you are a true fan of Cameron Diaz, then it is important for you to watch every single movie which we are listing below.

1. The Mask: the 1994 hit movie The Mask of the actress is superbly painted by her. The movie gained a lot of appreciation owing to the story line and the plot from the viewers and the critics too.

2. The Last Supper: The movie is on the lives of five graduate students who together resided in a rustic home and the suspense continues after that through black comedy. The role of Jude by Cameron Diaz gained the confidence of the directors on her being the best in the coming era.

3. Head above water: the plot and the summary have been long but is a comedy thriller film and directed by Jim Wilson. The role of Natalie was accepted widely all over the world making the movie stand among the Cameron Diaz top 10 movies.

4. My Best friend’s wedding: This is an American comedy movie filled with romance and thrill throughout the plot. The movie gained lots of positive reviews from the industry.

5. Very Bad things: the movie is basically on the theme of black comedy. The film is acted on a book by Gene Brewer. The cold blooded approach is appreciated by many critics making it rank among the Cameron Diaz top 10 movie list.

6. The Invisible Circus: the wonderful role of Faith touched the heart of viewers. It is based on the story of a teenage girl who travels throughout Europe owing to seek answers to the reason of her elder sister’s suicide. On the way falls in love with the former boyfriend of her sister and finally discovers the reason and returns back home.

7. Charlie’s Angels: This action American comedy movie is still now significant among the teen world. The movie is pictured on the television show with the same name. The wonderful role of Jolie was also very trendy and immensely loved by all. This film explores the reality of the life of the actress.

8. Night and Day: How magnificently she performs the role and the quintessence with which she carried it off is breathtaking. This was a dazzling role for Cameron Diaz which cannot be neglected or ignored ever. It deserves a mention among Cameron Diaz movies lists.

9. The Holiday: the movie is an American romantic movie directed and produced by Nancy Meyers. In this character she perfectly carried off her role incredibly. The film helped her getting popularity as a magnificent actress who is loved by all.

10. The Box: It has to be noted that this wonderful artist perfectly fitted in the role of action heroine. This is one of Cameron Diaz best movies.

Cameron Diaz upcoming movies 2016:

Cameron Diaz is always known for entertaining her fans through her unique performance and extra ordinary role that she plays in different movies. Cameron Diaz new movies 2016 can be expected the same.

Let us have a look at the wonderful films that is coming up:

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Very soon we will get the list of other films of this sizzling star of Hollywood which we will share with you for sure.
All the movies are under production and the fan club is waiting whole heartedly to receive their favourite heroine Cameron Diaz in a new glance.