Carey Mulligan top 10 movies that will make movie lovers satisfied

Carey Mulligan is one of the leading names of the Hollywood industry. She was open heartedly accepted for amusing her spectators in the most incredible way. She is also known for her wonderful look and exclusive acting skills with which she transmits off any role very capably. With the approaching year of 2016 she is expected to do some conjectures at the box bureau like prior to the time. She is the heroine of the best known novel based film Pride and prejudice. It was the debut film of her career.

Best movies that dragged the attention towards Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan is known for her wonderful and authority packed recital with the help of which she has won several millions of hearts and has been ruling it fluently. Let us take a look at the best collection of ten movies of this actress. She is one such star of the Hollywood industry whose movies give a tremendous outline. In a very short span of her career Carey Mulligan has won enough appreciation in the film world.

Carey Mulligan top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016

The top ten movies 2016 of the world are as follows:

1. Pride and Prejudice: the first debut film of her career is the movie Pride and Prejudice based on the novel of Jane Austin. She has beautifully drawn the perspective picture of the novel and the character.

2. Bleak House: The film is based on the novel of Charles Dickens and is beautifully picturized by Carey Mulligan and her co actors. The presentation reached to a level of critical appreciation and praise. The production of the film cost up to about 8 million pound.

3. Walking the Dead: The film was highly appreciated and loved by all and was also wonderfully able to bring out the best from her. This is a procedural crime stage show sequence that revolves around forensic dealings thoroughly. This movie is ranking among the Carey Mulligan top 10 movies 2016.

4. Northanger Abbey: This is from a television show adaptation produced framing Carrey mulligan as the heroine. This piece is also from the novel by Jane Austin. They succeeded in receiving the best positive reviews owing to concept of the story.

5. Public Enemies: the role of Carole is just awesome and accepted widely by the viewers all over the world. The film was produced in the year 2009. The project was really a success in the Hollywood industry. This film created a niche position in Hollywood industry.

6. The Greatest: In the year 2009, the American drama film was written and directed being the debut film of Shana Feste. The movie plot is on family relationships and the life of a troubled girl.

7. And when did you last see your Father? : Rachel is that figure which earned a lot of appreciation. This is a British drama film which is based on the memoir that is with the same title. The entire movie is on the flashbacks of many episodes. The success has brought it categorized under Carey Mulligan best movies.

8. Never Let Me Go: Featuring with Andrew Garfield, Carey Mulligan made it a super hit movie. This film turns Carey Mulligan career in a new way and crafted a new perfection.

9. Shame: It is incredible and motivating to see how the actresses administer to grab the attention of her fans and the critics with her wonderful and amazing performance that she delivered. This is one of Carey Mulligan top 10 movies.

10. Drive: The character presented by Carey Mulligan was the historical role of Irene. The super stunt and the moves within the film helped to gain the appreciation of the critics and the viewers. This movie is one of the best films of this star actress. This film managed to be one in Carey Mulligan movies lists.

Carey Mulligan upcoming movies 2016

Carey Mulligan new movies 2016 are amazingly awaited by her fans. It is because of her incredibility that she managed to touch millions of hearts and win wonderful appreciation from her fans as well as from her audiences.

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The post productions of the two movies are on the way and the fans are waiting to see their sweet heroine on the screen charming and dancing. All we need to do is to wait till the films finally getting released for the fans of Carey Mulligan.