Charlize Theron Top 10 Movies – the awesome name in the sky of the Hollywood industry

The actress of the modern era brought out different changes in the Hollywood industry and in the world of International films, Charlize Theron is the incredible face in the entire industry. She has proudly won the awards of the nomination as well as the acting skill with which the audience loved a lot. The movies she has come up are wonderful and with power packed performances. The awards she received so far are Golden Globe Award Nominations. The films have created huge opportunity to experience something different. With the release of every film she managed to win over the hearts of every fans who craves to see her onscreen.

Charlize Theron is a well known name in the Hollywood industry of the modern era. Charlize Theron latest news has been too much in demand by her fans club owing to the incredible work she does with her producers and directors who think of a film taking her in mind. The coming year, 2016 she is all set to give her fan excellent movies to watch.

Charlize Theron top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016

List of Charlize Theron top ten movies 2016 that you love to watch

Selection of the list is done keeping mind the taste and preference of Charlize Theron fan in mind. The below 10 films are among those films which created a niche position in the mind of the people who actually understands quality movies.

1. 2 days in the valley: This is a film directed over a story which revolves around the events over 48 hours including the life of a cluster of people who are drawn together based on a murder. The role she depicted was of a gorgeous girlfriend who flees with the hero.

2. The Astronaut’s Wife: The role of Jillian Armacost is the significant role played by Charlize Theron. The film with Johnny Deep was a super hit owing to the experience used by both the actors of the recent era. Charlize Theron was in the leading role in the film and she won several positive reviews from the detractor and the interview for her excellent and amazing performances.

3. Celebrity: This is one of Charlize Theron top 10 movies. It was very remarkable and appealing to see how the performer managed to grab the attention of her fans and the critics with her wonderful and amazing recital that she delivered.

4. Reindeer games: the role of Ashley Mercer was widely accepted by the viewers as well as the critics but after the release of the theatrical show received poor reviews in the initial part of the show. The story plot starts from the conversation between two cellmates.

5. Men of Honor: Gwen Sunday, the role dragged everyone’s eye because of the actress and her performance. This movie was regarded as the best film of the actress and also won the best director award. This film managed to be among top Charlize Theron movies 2016.

6. Sweet November: The movie was just a romantic treat to the eyes owing to the joint efforts of the actress as well as the hero. The excellent role of Sara Deever received great response from every corner of the Hollywood industry.

7. 15 Minutes: This film turns Carey Mulligan career into a new level and she crafted a new perfection as an actress. Rose Heam is the character that won awesome critics’ appreciation as well as grand praise from all audiences.

8. Trapped: Karen Jennings is the role that is played by this star and this film is based on the bestselling novel directed by Louis Mandoki. This film was released in 2002 and it was able to help the audience see an additional side of the performance of the actress.

9. The Italian Job: The film is a wonderful movie so far made in Hollywood which is filled with attractive actions. This movie managed to create sensation in the industry with its release.

10. Monster: The name as it suggests, is highly appreciated for Charlize Theron wonderful and amazing looks and acting skills. The film star has won over millions of hearts and grabbed wonderful appreciation from her fans as well as from the critics.

Charlize Theron upcoming movies 2016

Charlize Theron new movies 2016 are amazingly lingered by her fan club. It is because of her incredibility that she deals with touch millions of hearts and wins wonderful appreciation from her fans as well as from her audiences. She is ready to come up at the box office with some elite roles and characters that she will be playing in different movies.

The Huntsman Winter’s War This movie will hit the floor in year 2016 and the main star cast for this film are Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth. This is an upcoming American dark fantasy action-adventure film

 The Last Face. The main star cast for this film are Charlize Theron, Javier Bardem, Adèle Exarchopoulos. It is going to be a Drama film.

The viewers are waiting to watch the fabulous actress on the screen as soon as possible. Charlize Theron is one such actress in the film industry who can change the fate of any movie making it a successful one in the Box office for sure.