Jake Gyllenhaal Top 10 Movies which always entertains the audience

With his wonderful acting prowess and great looks Jake Gyllenhaal has managed to earn a respectable and wonderful position among the finest actors of the world. He has shown his versatility in every movie that he has been a part of. In the coming year he is again expected to come up with some amazing work that will entertain his fans amazingly.

Jake Gyllenhaal top movies till 2016 that you must definitely watch

Jake Gyllenhaal latest news has always been related with his great acting skills and wonderful projects that he takes up. His news is always enjoyed by his fans as much as they enjoy his acting. The net worth of the films of Jake Gyllenhaal always comes in great figure which is the main reason why producers want him in their movies.

Jake Gyllenhaal top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016

Below is the list of top ten movies of the actor.

1. Brothers- This film came to the theatres in 2009 starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire. With a great and unique plot describing about the relationship of two brothers and showing the ups and downs in their life, this film received a positive response from the audience and was also loved by them. Jake got a Saturn Award Nomination for essaying this character. This film is regarded as one of Jake Gyllenhaal top 10 movies.

2. Love & Other Drugs- In this film Jake plays the role of Jamie Randall, a pharmaceutical salesman who falls in for a women suffering from Parkinson’s disease. The undeniable and wonderful chemistry between Jake and Anne Hathaway was perfect for the audiences to see and to experience. They loved the wonderful performance given by the actor in this 2010 film.

3. Rendition- Released in 2007 the film explored the subject of CIA practice of rendition. In this practice the countries move the suspects from one nation to another and torture is allowed for interrogating them. Jake played a wonderful role of Agent Freeman and he also put the right kind of emotion and feels to his character through which the audience was able to connect with him.

4. Brokeback Mountain- The film was released in 2005 and it had Jake playing a character that put him in the forefront where everybody noticed his skills and praised his talents. This film established Jake as a wonderful actor with unparalleled skill of acting that can mesmerize the audience.

5. Zodiac- Describing a true story of a serial killer this film had Jake Gyllenhaal in the role of Robert Graysmith, a cartoonist and he gave his heart and soul to prepare him perfectly for this role and to give his best performance to the film. He was appreciated for his acting and was also acclaimed critically.

6. Moonlight Mile- This film is a drama that describes the effects on the people when someone died. Although the movie was not a block buster but it had an engaging and wonderful plot along with significant role played by Jake Gyllenhaal which helped it making great business at the box office.

7. The Day After Tomorrow- The film was released in 2004. This sci-fi film reflects the effects of global warming and wonderfully managed to focus on the subject. In the film Jake essayed great role and he was also highly appreciated for his performance as Sam Hall. It is one of Jake Gyllenhaal best movies.

8. Donnie Darko – this film helps Jake to prove his worth in the Hollywood industry and to establish himself as one of the leading actors. He does an amazingly interesting job and managed to win hearts of millions of people through this 2001 film.

9. October Sky- the film had Jake Gyllenhaal in the role of a son of coal miner. His incredible acting skills have helped him to step up the ladder of success through this wonderful film that proved his excellence and talent in the beginning of his career.

10. Jarhead- The story of the film was adapted from the novel of Marine Anthony Swofoord with the same name. The wonderful cinematography, picturization and amazing performances from the actors helped the movie to do wonderful business. It is a must mention when we talk about Jake Gyllenhaal movies lists.

Jake Gyllenhaal Upcoming movies

With the coming year Jake’s fans can expect something amazing from him as through Jake Gyllenhaal new movies 2016 he will provide some entertaining movies that will be a pleasure for you to watch. The upcoming movies include:

• The Man Who Made it Snow: Jake is coming with this new flick very soon for showing yet another side of his acting and for mesmerizing his fans further.

• The Current War : Jake Gyllenhaal, Benedict Cumberbatch to Star in The Current War. and Thomas Edison in the Weinstein Company’s “The Current War.

If you are a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal then the coming year will definitely bring great entertainment for you with the actor’s new movies and interesting roles. We are quite sure about the fact that the upcoming movies of this star will surely impress you and make you a better fan of Jake Gyllenhaal.