Jason Bateman Top 10 Movies for mesmerizing you

Jason Bateman is a well known name of Hollywood industry. He is very famous among his fans because of his superb skills and amazing personality. With the coming year of 2016 this actor is all set to hit the box office with amazing performances in different movies.

Jason Bateman top 10 movies that will flatter you

Jason Bateman latest news always interests his fans as they are very eager to know about his new projects through which he is ready to entertain his audiences. Through his films Jason Bateman is also known to get an incredible net worth that makes him be among the leading actors of the industry. If you want to get acquainted with his acting skills then.

Jason Bateman top 10 Movies list and upcoming movies in 2016

take a look at his following ten best movies:

1. Horrible Bosses- This is a 2011 American black comedy movie that had Jason Bateman in a leading and interesting role. Directed by Seth Gordon this film did a magic on the audience and it also won several awards and positive reviews from the critics. Jason for his wonderful role won the attention of the critics and was also appreciated by them. It is one of Jason Bateman top 10 movies.

2. Starsky & Hutch- This film was released in 2004 and it was an action comedy that was directed by Todd Philips. The film had an interesting plot and the wonderful performance by the people actors managed to grab the attention of the audience throughout.

3. The Change-Up- Jason did a wonderful job through this film and he was also very appreciated and loved by the critics and audiences alike. Released in 2011 this comedy film has a wonderful feel attached with it that helped it to earn a good profit.

4. Disconnect- performing a strong and efficient role this film had Jason in a very wonderful character that was amazingly loved by his fans and which floored them down. This American drama created a great impact on the minds of the audience through its power pack performances and great cinematography and plot.

5. Identity Thief- the film was released in 2013 where Jason was casted opposite Melissa McCarthy. This comedy film was directed by Seth Gordon and was amazingly loved and appreciated by the audiences and the critics alike.

6. Paul- This comic sci-fi film received positive reactions and reviews from the critics and it was also praised by the audiences. Through this 2011 film Jason again proved his worth and garnered great accolades from different corners of the film industry.

7. Hancock- Jason Bateman was a part of this super hero comedy drama film of 2008. His wonderful talent helped him to essay a very strong and impressive character and he also managed to boost his career further through this project. Film received wonderful positive reviews from the critics. The film can be mentioned as one of Jason Bateman best movies.

8. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story- the film hit the theatre in 2004 and has been an instant hit. It was very successful commercially and was able to grab millions of eyeballs. Through his acting skills Jason became a star through this movie and he also got great reviews for his excellent performance.

9. Smokin’ Aces- The film was released in 2006 and was a crime related movie that was directed by Joe Carnahan. It was a hit at the box office and it also managed to do a great business commercially.

10. Couples Retreat- Released in 2009 this romantic comedy had Jason in a very impressive and entertaining role that grabbed the attention of the public and the critics as well. This film needs a special mention when we talk about Jason Bateman movies lists.

Jason Bateman Upcoming films in 2016

Through Jason Bateman new movies 2016 you will get a great and wonderful chance to enjoy his work in the coming year. Through the new projects James is all set to entertain his fans thoroughly.

• Zootopia- This is an upcoming movie of the actor that is expected to do wonders at the box office. Like its this movie is also expected to floor the audience with the performance of the actors and the plot.

There are many other projects that he will come up with in the coming year through which he will meet your expectation and will also floor you down through his lovely performance. Very soon we will come up with latest news about this star to entertain you in a great way. So stay tuned with us for more sensational news about Jason Bateman.