Jeff Bridges top 10 movies that entertains you amazingly

Jeff Bridges is among those leading names in the Hollywood industry who can creat new milestone for the industry. He is an American actor and a photographer. He is a musician too. In 1951 Jeff Bridges has started his career when he was just two years by the film The Company she keeps. Then he has played a character in Sea Hunt. He has received Academy award in the movie, Crazy Heart. His film- The last picture show has nominated him for the Academy Award.

Jeff Bridges top 10 movies 2016 that entertains you

Jeff Bridges latest news has been captivating his fans and audience for a long time. He wonderfully performed his work in each of the characters that he has undertaken. In 1977, he has got married with Susan Geston when he was working on Rancho Deluxe. In his early life he has adopted the process of Buddhism and Transcendental Meditation. In 2010 Jeff Bridges has supported The American President Obama’s pre campaign for fighting with childhood hunger.He has also supports the environmental campaign by Amazon Conversation Group. His work is amazingly accepted by his fans and audience.

Jeff Bridges top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016 with trailers and reviews

His top most films are:

1. True Grit – Coen brothers are the directors, writer, editor and producer of this movie. It is an American movie. It is influenced by the novel with Same – Name. Reuben R Cogban is the name of Jeff Bridges character. Most of the critics have given their good opinions and great reviews for the movie.

2. The Last Picture Show – Peter Bogdanovich is the director of this movie. This film is adopted form an autobiographical novel named, same- name. This is an American drama. He has been nominated for the 8th Academic Award. This is one of the Jeff Bridges best movies.

3. The Door in the floor – This picture is based on a novel by John Irving. It is a mix of comedy and tragedy. This is a story of a struggling couple, who lost their two sons by an accident and there is a punch of comedy which can heal the audience’s mind.

4. The Contender – This film has released on 2000. It is based on a political drama. The character of The President of America has been played by Bridges whose intension is switching his VP who died with a woman candidate. This film has put his name in the Oscar.

5. The Fisher king – Terry Gilliam is the director of this movie. It is a fantasy based comedy drama film. This movie releases in 1991. It is an American movie. This film tells a story of a person who wants to devastate his life but one radio jockey cheers him up for bring back the joy of his life.

6. Starman – Starman releases in 1984. John Carpenter is the director of this film. It is a romantic science based film.

7. Feerless – Fearless releases in 1993. Peter Weir is the director of this movie. It is an American drama movie. This movie is one of the Jeff Bridges top 10 movies 2016.

8. The fabulous Baker boy – Steve Kloves is the director of this film. This American Romantic movie releases in 1989. There is also a punch of Comedy and musical drama. This film has nominated for the Academy Award.

9. Crazy Heart – Scott Cooper is the director and the writer of this film. This is an American romantic movie which releases on 2009. This is one of the best movies of Jeff Bridges’ Movie lists.

10. The Big Lebowski – It is an American crime based comedy film which releases in 1998. Coen Brothers are the director and writer of this film.

He is one of the most entertaining star with versatile qualities present in Hollywood.

Upcoming movies of Jeff Bridges in 2016

Jeff Bridges will bang the theaters with his upcoming projects like Comancheria.

1. Comancheria –  Comancheria is an upcoming American heist crime film directed by David Mackenzie and written by Taylor Sheridan. This movie is starring Chris Pine, Ben Foster, Jeff Bridges, Katy Mixon.

He is all set to make you highly entertain and to help you experience something new with his performance. This actor is also ready to mesmerize you with his brilliant performance. We will come up with news and updates about Jeff Bridges to keep you entertained so stay tuned with us.