Jonah Hill top 10 movies 2016 for your entertainment

Jonah Hill is a great American actor, filmmaker and comedian. This amazing actor always entertains his fans and come up with very rare and unique roles. He has been credited with the success of different and amazing movies that have helped him to step up the ladder of success in his career. This amazing actor will meet the expectations of his fans in the coming year and will also come up with some entertaining and distinctive movie that he will be a part of.

Jonah Hill top 10 films 2016 that proved her excellence

Jonah Hill latest news is enjoyed by his fans mainly because he has been able to impress them through his great acting skills and amazing performance. He has undertaken several projects that have become very successful because of his presence and excellent performance. Jonah Hill films are also known for doing magic at the box office and getting net worth of great digit that always make it among the highest grosser of the industry. Below is the list of best 10 movies of the actor:

Jonah Hill top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016

1. The Wolf of Wall Street- This is a movie that was loved by all and everyone even appreciated the performance of Hill. He also got nominated for Academy Awards for best supporting actor for this 2013 black comedy. It is one of Jonah Hill top 10 movies 2016.

2. Superbad- This was a 2007 comedy movie that was the debut film of the actor. He showcased his talent in this movie and proved his amazing worth from the beginning of his career.

3. 21 Jump Street- Hill has entertained his audiences wonderfully through this great action comedy. The film was very famous throughout the world and it was amazingly loved by the audiences and his fans.

4. Moneyball- This was a biographical sports drama that was released in 2011 and in which Hill was seen playing a very serious role, stepping out of his comfort zone. He won nomination for Academy Awards for best supporting actor for his amazing role.

5. The Sitter- Jonah is very comfortable in comic genre and he has always proved his worth sin this field. Through this 2011 movie the actor has again proved his worth in the industry and has garnered great attention from the critics and the fans. It is one of Jonah Hill best movies.

6. This Is the End- This is a 2013 comedy that was written and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. Jonah was seen in a very entertaining role and his great performance has helped him to win millions of hearts amazingly.

7. Accepted- The film hit the theatres in 2006 and was able to garner great accolades from the audience as well as from the film critics. In this movie this actor has wonderfully proved his excellence perfectly. He has been loved by his critics and fraternity of the film industry.

8. Get Him to the Greek- This is a 2010 comedy that helped the actor to come on the surface and showcase his great and exclusive skills through his amazing performance. This was a comedy movie that had Hill playing a very small but efficient role.

9. Knocked Up- In this movie the actor was seen in a very engaging and wonderful role through which he wooed his audience. The film was released in 2007 under the direction of Judd Apatow. This romantic comedy has helped the actor to showcase his great skills wonderfully.

10. Grandma’s Boy- This movie was released in 2006 and it helped the people to get entertained and to be loved by them amazingly. Through this wonderful comedy film the actor has allowed his fans to love and explore his great and amazing skills. It deserves to be among Jonah Hill movies list.

Jonah Hill Upcoming movies in 2016

The actor is all set to hit the theaters and rule the box office with his new releases. Through the help of Jonah Hill new movies 2016 this actor will entertain his audience with his high class acting skills and great performance and he also promises to meet their expectations. So far we have news about one upcoming film, but with the progress of time we will come up with more information about other project taken by this star of Hollywood.

• War Dogs- Scheduled to hit the theatres soon this movie will see the actor in a very engaging and entertaining role that will be loved by his fans.

So, if you are looking forward to see the actor on the big screen eagerly then the coming year is the best time for you as he will be in your nearby theatres with his new films soon. Keep visiting us and enjoy latest news about Jonah Hill here.