Leonardo DiCaprio Top 10 Movies Which established him as the best actors of the world

Leonardo DiCaprio Top 10 new Movies 2016 upcoming : Leonardo DiCaprio is a well known name of the Hollywood industry and he is also a much loved celebrity throughout the world, his work and amazing acting skills has been loved and appreciated by the audiences throughout the world. He has been credited with different and amazing movies that have experienced wonderful success at the Box office. This American actor and film producer is also known for his amazing looks and excellent personality through which he has garnered wonderful attention from his audiences. The coming year 2016 will have his fans experiencing some of the best movies that he is scheduled to come up with very soon. The net worth of Leonardo DiCaprio movies is huge.

Leonardo DiCaprio top 10 movies 2016 that will definitely make you his fan

Leonardo DiCaprio latest news has always been loved and enjoyed by the people throughout the world. His news is always associated with his acting abilities and new projects that he undertakes. His movies have the ability to create magic on his fans at the box office.

Leonardo DiCaprio Top 10 Movies of all time And Upcoming movies

Let us take a look of the top ten movies of the Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

1. Inception – This is one of the best movies of the actor. It was released in 2010 and was amazingly popular throughout the world. This science fiction thriller was perfect for gaining wonderful ideas and excellence for the audience. It gave them an amazing experience and it is also helped the actor to take a step further in his career graph.

2. Titanic – This is a 1997 film and undoubtedly the best one that has ever been produced in the film industry around the world. This epic romantic film has Leonardo in the leading role and it also saw the best of him. This is probably one of Leonardo DiCaprio best movies.

3. The Departed – This 2006 Hollywood movie is all set to entertain his audiences. It made him wonderfully popular throughout the world of film. This film also helped him win several awards including four Oscars.

4. The Wolf of Wall Street – This film was released in 2013 and it was a black comedy that was directed by Martin Scorsese. It has the actor in one of the most amazing roles of his career and it also made him gain excellent and positive reviews from the critics throughout the world. It is also one of Leonardo DiCaprio top ten movies.

5. Blood Diamond – This was a political war thriller that helped the actor to gain wonderful applauds from the world. It is because of this movie that the actor was nominated for Academy Award for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

6. Shutter Island – The film was a psychological thriller that was directed in 2010. This film was based on Dennis Lehane’s 2003 novel that had the same name. The film was also highly entertaining and was amazingly loved by the audience.

7. Catch Me If You Can – This is a 2002 American biographical crime drama that had the actor in the leading role. It was highly appreciated by the audience and was also very popular throughout the world.

8. DJango Unchained – This was one of the most amazing films of the career of the actor. This film needs great mention when we talk about Leonardo DiCaprio movies lists.

9. The Great Gatsby – This film was a novel of F. Scrott Fitzgerald and it was made into a film with Leonardo DiCaprio being in the lead role. The film was well received by the audiences with open arms.

10. The Aviator – Needless to say this was one of the best films of the actor that definitely helped him to stand apart from the other actors who are in the industry. This 2004 film was highly acclaimed sand loved by the critics and audiences.

Leonardo DiCaprio Upcoming movies in 2016

Leonardo DiCaprio new movies 2016 are scheduled to hit the theatres very soon and the actor is all set to entertain his audiences through his wonderful acting skills. He also maintains great level of his acting through which he wonderfully amazed his audiences. Some of his upcoming projects that include:

• Legacy of Secrecy : Legacy of Secrecy is one of the most anticipating movies of the actor. This non- fiction has been all set to entertain you by hitting the theatres in 2016. This actor promises to entertain you wonderfully.

• Road Home : The Road Home is another movie of the actor that is all set to entertain the audiences and make them mesmerize with his performances. It is expected to hit the theatres soon in 2016.

So, the films of the actor are all set to be in the theatres with him taking away major part of the collection to his home. Leonardo DiCaprio actor is ready to entertain yourself and his upcoming new releases are going to be there for you soon.