Michelle Williams is a beautiful actress who is not only known for her beauty but also for her convincing acting. This actress is termed to be quirky and extremely beautiful. She has been ranked under the top 100 beautiful women living. Her beautiful smile and sparkly eyes along with her charming personality plays a huge role in attracting the audience. She is also very appreciated for her sense of style and pixie haircut which is very hard to pull off.

This American actress was born in 8 September 1980. During the initial stages of her acting carriers she did a few television guest appearances in the late 1990s. Michelle Williams latest news is that she was first noticed when she starred in the famous teen-drama on the WB channel know as Dawson’s Creek. She has received a lot of critical acclaim for her roles.

Michelle Williams top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016

MICHELLE WILLIAMS has always entertained the audience with her unique style and Convincing acting.

She has always been acknowledged for her diversity in roles and girl next door roles. This American sweetheart has never left an opportunity to win the heart of her audience. She has charmed her way through every movie ad entertained everyone in every aspect of her life. From the 2000s Michelle William has always appeared in dramatic and independent films and thus Michelle Williams’s movie lists.


 BROCKERBACK MOUNTAIN (2005): This movie is a dramatic and romantic film. This Epic movie has been directed by Ang Lee. The American actress was hugely praised for her performance. She also won the best supporting actress award and was nominated for Oscars.

 LASSIE (1994): This movie is an adventure family movie which needs a special appreciation owing to the script and the rural countryside picturesque view in the entire movie. The family oriented movie along with the presence of the dog is well accepted widely by the viewers as well as the critics.

 I M NOT THERE (2007): This movie is a unique musical drama demanding a mention in the list of Michelle Williams’s best movies. The story has been inspired from the life story of the famous country singer Bob Dylan.

 WENDY AND LUCY (2008): This American drama movie was a success in the box office. This dramatic movie was praised and loved by the audience. It also won the Golden Globe award and is listed gladly among Michelle Williams’s top 10 movies 2016.

 DICK (1994): this movie was an American comedy film that won appreciation owing to the script as well as the storyline in the entire movie. The warm hearted film is enough to provide a good level of contentment throughout.

 ME WITHOUT YOU: (2001): This is a romantic British movie centering on the troubled relationship between two girls centering around as they grow up. This script of the film deals with the psychological as well as the emotional overview.

 But I’M A CHEERLEADER (1999): This is a romantic movie that deals with the satirical as well as the supporting cast. This movie is upon a diverse orientation. Yet received a mix of reviews from the viewers and the critics.

 PROZAC NATION (2001): This is an American drama film basically portrayed on the autobiography of the same name. The story is all about the depression as well as the experiences that make the movie a branded antidepressant medicine for the viewers who took interest in the film.

 BLUE VALENTINE (2010): Blue Valentine is a very sweet romantic movie directed by Derek Clanfrance. The story depicts the marriage of a couple going back and forth in piece of time and dealing with a variety of courtships.

 MY WEEK WITH MARILYN (2011): this movie where Michelle Williams played the lead role. This movie is inspired from the true story of the legendary Marilyn Monroe. The American actress gave a splendid performance and won a lot of awards. She won prestigious academy award.

Upcoming projects of Michelle Williams 2016

Through the ups and downs Michelle Williams’s movie lists have always managed to entertain her audience and pleases her views. This American actress is power pact and is expected to come up with Michelle Williams’ new movies 2016. She is expected to come up with the best ever movies for her fans and the worldwide.

There is no updated so far about her 2016 ventures. We need to wait a bit to get the list. Be with us for more information and latest news about Michelle Williams .