Naomi Watts is one of the most beautiful actresses alive on planet earth. Not only is she beautiful but she also has brains and that can be proven through her successful choice of movies. This actress can win anyone’s heart with her beautiful eyes and sparkling smile. She is well known for her charming personality and also for her enigmatic dressing sense. This beautiful British actress definitely knows how to woo the audience.

Naomi watts latest news is that this British actress has a very unique and mesmerizing accent, which makes you want to hear her more and more. The talented actress started her career with the Australian movie known as LOVE ALONE in 1986. After this she was seen in a variety of TV series such as HEY DAD (1990), BRIDES OF CHRIST (1991), and HOME AND AWAY (1991) and apart from this she also featured in the famous comedy drama film alongside Nicole Kidman known as FLIRTING (1991).

Naomi Watts top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016

Here is a list of Movies by NAOMI WATTS for 2016 that will leave you amazed and stunned

1. MULOHAND DRIVE (2001): This movie ranks among Naomi watts top 10 movies as it is based on the neo mystery American thriller that depicted the life of a young woman named Betty, whose role is being played by Naomi watts. This American movie bought in a lot of appreciation for the young actress and also made her way to the Hollywood industry.

2. THE RING (2002): The following year was a lucky year for Naomi Watts as not only did she receive good review but also won box office success. THE RING movie is a psychological horror film with Naomi Watts playing the lead role. The movie has been directed by Gore Verbinski. This movie got overwhelming reaction and also reviews from the critics.

3. 21 GRAMS (2003): in the year 2003 she was nominated for the ACADEMY BEST ACTRESS AWARD and the GUILD AWARDS for her role as Cristina Peck in the movie 21 grams. The critiques loved her performance and tagged her as a talented actress. The movie also received great response from the box office. Thus it is one of Naomi watts best movies till 2016.

4. HEART HUCKABEES (2004): this movie is a unique combination of comedy and psychology. This American movie was directed and produced by David o Russell. The movie gain good reviews due to its out of the box concept. Not only did it become a huge box office hit and but also won the heart of the critiques. The movie managed to win the heart of the audience. A Naomi watt was gravely appreciated for her role which made her win a lot of awards.

5. DREAM HOUSE (2011): This movie is based on the psychological thriller film that is centered on the lives of two children. This film although gained a lot of mixed reviews from that of the critics as well as the audiences. Thus this film is also categorized under Naomi watts top 10 movies.

6. DIANA (2013): Naomi Watts was cast in the biopic of Princess Diana the movie, Caught in Flight directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The movie depicted the life of Lady Diana after her split with Prince Charles and her many affairs followed by her death in the tragic car crash in Paris in 1997.

7. DANGEROUS BEAUTY (1998): This is the movie which actually is based on the biographical drama film combined with non-fiction book.

8. TANK GIRL (1995): This is the movie whose concept deals with American Science and fiction yet there is a touch of comedy in it. The film somehow received a mixed review from the public as well as the critics.

9. HOME AND AWAY (1991): This is the movie that is actually picturized on the American television show produced in Sidney. This film won a great response from that of the public as well as the critic side.

10. FLIRTING (1991): This movie is actually an Australian age of comedy movie and mix of drama film based on the story of the teenager who is 17 years of age.

UPCOMING Movies OF Naomi Watts in 2016

Her new movie in 2016, Birdman with co-star Emma Stone received superb reviews at the New York Film Festival. Appearing beside the 25-year old lady Emma Stone, Naomi Watts in her old 45 years looked radiant and happy in the press conference of the movie where they both appeared for promotion and special luncheon at Le-Cirque.

Some of the upcoming movies of this star include:

1. The Bleeder: This film is waiting for release and expected to hit theaters by 2016. It will be a drama film directed by Philippe Falardeau.

2. The Divergent Series: Ascendant: This film is of Action, romance with flavor of adventure. This film is directed by Robert Schwentke and waiting for release in 2017.

3. The Book of Henry: The Book of Henry is an upcoming American drama film directed by Colin Trevorrow and written by Gregg Hurwitz. The film stars Naomi Watts, Jacob Tremblay, Jaeden Lieberher and Maddie Ziegler.

We will keep you updated about the latest news related to upcoming Naomi Watts movies 2016, Be with us for more news.