Owen Wilson top 10 movies : the most entertaining Hero of Recent Times

Owen Wilson The great actor of Hollywood is also a screenwriter at the same time. The 1968 borne American actor has been in the set for a long time and has been an eminent name in the industry for the awards he got and the acting credits of his. The graduate in English has been borne to a family, related to the film trade, but using the minimum of that, he excelled in the industry extraordinarily to reach a great height. He made his debut in the ear 1996 with the movie named Bottle Rocket. Then he went on with the best performance in the Armageddon and in Anaconda. The great movies of his also include the Shanghai Noon and the Marley & Me, the latter of which has been nominated for the Oscar.

Among the Owen Wilson Latest News was expecting a child from his trainer Caroline, although they were not in any relationship, as she was still undergoing the divorce with her husband. The expectation was ultimately fulfilled in 2016, when she gave birth to a child son. Now he is planning to go ahead with the relation with the baby along with them.

Owen Wilson top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016

Owen Wilson top ten movies which you must watch

Being a true fan of Owen Wilson we are quite sure about the fact that you all will be looking forward for the list of top 10 movies of this star which will surely entertain you in an amazing way. We specially prepared this Top 10 list for you. Just check it out.

The Owen Wilson top ten movies among the great works of him are as follows:

1. The Darjeeling Limited: This has been a great movie of 2007, where three bothers travelled to bond again after their father’s death and funeral. This has been a great movie for Owen and has been a great show of him.

2. Midnight in Paris: The movie is all about the trip to Paris with Fiancee. The trip takes him back to the 20’s and the story takes a u-turn from there. The great play of Wilson in the movie with his co-partner has been admired by his fans by a lot; however the movie received lots of criticism at the industry.

3. Wedding Crashers: This is not a love triangle, but a total disarrangement between three couples in a city makes a story which is full of comedy and jokes. The super role of the actors and the co-actors in the show makes it great to the fans and the industry also.

4. Marley & Me: The story is very nice with a dog as the lead player in the movie. The movie has been a great one and got many critics from the industry, media and the fans also. The movie has been nominated for the Grammy award at the Oscar and has gained a great fame in 2008.

5. Shanghai Knights: The great movie starring Jackie Chan has been a great name in his total career. The great movie has been a remarkable name in the industry for the action and the action scenes, and the movie has been a hot favorite film throughout world.

6. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: The great movie of 2004 is having the best animation view. The story is about a shark that has been envious and the voyage is to pack up the shark from the family, with the journalist and a boy, who may or may not be his son.

7. The Royal Tenenbaums: This has been a story where a large family re-unites and forms the family again making the father’s illness as the issue. The story line has been a spectacular one and the entire movie is a having a happening story line. This movie has been a great work from the actor, by which the fan had got much pleasure.

8. Bottle Rocket: The movie is having the story line best for the fans’ enjoyment. The movie is about the plan for robbery and a total mishap to give a funny output. The fun-lovers really loved the movies and the role of Owen also.

9. Zoolander: The movie is about to change the mind setup of a student who has been studying in his final year and change him to kill the President of Malaysia.

10. Behind Enemy Lines: In this movie of 2001, the commander goes against the chief to save the nation from corruption and other problems. The role model of Owen has got enough praise in the industry.

Upcoming movies of Owen Wilson

Every year Owen Wilson gives something new to his fans and in 2016 he is all set to entertain his fans in an amazing way. Take a look at the upcoming films of this star.

The Owen Wilson new movies 2016 include:

1. Bastards: Bastards is an upcoming American comedy film directed by Lawrence Sher and written by Justin Malen. The film stars Owen Wilson, Ed Helms, J. K. Simmons, Terry Bradshaw, Ving Rhames, and Glenn Close..

3. Zoolander 2: Zoolander No. 2 is an upcoming 2016 American comedy film directed by Ben Stiller and written by Justin Theroux, Stiller, Nicholas Stoller and John Hamburg.

There are many other films which are in the pipeline and will be released in 2016. We will insist you to keep visiting this website so that we can keep you updated about the upcoming news of Owen Wilson.