Paul Rudd is a famous American actor and also en eminent comedian. He appeared in many comic movies and thus has made his place in the Hollywood movie industry. This magnificent actor is known for his remarkable presentation and great behaviour that he possesses. The coming year 2016 will see more of the actor in the big monitor as he is imminent up with wonderful liberate. This awesome celebrity is very much dearly loved celebrity all throughout the world.


Paul Rudd latest news is that he is able to make his own position in the world of the Hollywood movies. The net merit of the films specially the comedy movies of the actor is always very high and he wonderfully maintains his position among the well known actors and the actresses.

Paul Rudd Top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016
Here are the lists of top 10 movies 2016 that will swift you off your feet.

BRIAN FANTANA: ANCHORMAN – taking the top spot on the list is Brian Fontana. This is an American comedy movie in which Rudd is a member of the stylish group. This is the most funniest and one of the most quotable roles performed by Paul Rudd. This role definitely re energized his career. The movie was a box office hit and also managed to swift the audience of their feet.

JOSH LUKA: CLUELESS – This movie he was the heartthrob man and also had a time capsule from the 90s. He plays the role of a husband who expends most of his time judging and transitory remarks on his wife’s shallow and pop society world view. But the climax is when he takes a 180 degree turn and becomes Mr. Right.

DAVID: THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN- in this movie Paul Rudd plays the role of a full blown nutty. And no one could have been better than him in the movie. Not only is his comic timing amazing but also his acting is flawless. The movie was a huge box office hit. He not only won the heart of his fans but also won many awards for his role.

PETER KLAVEN: I LOVE YOU MAN- this good looking man played the role of a geek and also played the role in an amazing manner. His performance was well appreciated by the critics. It was very well taken by the audience. It is one of Paul Rudd’s top 10 movies 2016.

ANDY: WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER- we all love watching Paul Rudd being a teen. This American teen camp movie is a fun film to watch. Paul Rudd was hugely appreciated for his quirky role. He became quite a hit after this movie.

NED ROCHLIN: OUR IDIOT BROTHER- the role in this movie was one of a kind. The American movie featured Paul Rudd in a distinct character which he played really well. The movie was a box office hit and also won the heart of many Americans.

PETE: KNOCKED UP- Paul Rudd played a supporting role in the movie. Even though he was not the lead actor, he still managed to swift every one of their feet and takes them for a spin off. The movie received good review from the critic and also won many awards.

MIKE HANNIGAN: FRIENDS- Paul Rudd got a big break when we he got to play a role in the famous series ‘friends’. He played the spouse of the famous character Phoebe. His comic timing was amazing and also hugely appreciated.

DANNY DONAHUE: ROLE MODELS- this movie filled with sarcasm were hugely screen played and acted well by Paul Rudd. The movie was a box office hit and won the hearts of the audience due to its sarcasm and comic timings. This movie

CHUCK/KUNU: FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL- In this movie Paul Rudd plays the role of a musician who has issues. This movie was one of the first hits in Paul Rudd’s carrier. It came down to be a very good movie and well appreciated.

Upcoming movies of Paul Rudd 2016

We are sure being a fan of this star you all will be waiting eagerly for the list of the upcoming movies of this star. Just take a look at the below list.

Paul Rudd’s new movies 2016 most waited for its release in the coming year with a new blast.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Ant-Man and the Wasp is one of the most awaited upcoming American superhero films which is based on popular Marvel Comics characters having the same name. This film is directed by Peyton Reed.

His forthcoming movies are all placed fantastically to amuse the audiences and to hit the theatres wonderfully. There will be more names which will be included in the upcoming films of this star very soon. We will insist you to stay with us for updates and latest news about Paul Rudd.