Penelope Cruz top 10 movies which entertain you frequently

Penelope Cruz is one of the best actresses in the Hollywood sector in 2016. She is a Spanish actress and model. She has debut when she was 16 years old. Her first film is Jamon Jamon. In his career she first came worldwide in television series and then she appears in film. Her other venture is modeling and philanthropy. She has been nominated for Academy award, Golden Globe, MTV movie award and so on for her mind blasting performance.

Penelope Cruz top 10 movies 2016 that engross you

Penelope Cruz is one of the beautiful actresses in the Hollywood sector. She astonishingly acts in all the characters which she has taken in the movies. She has hooked up with Tom Cruise for three years. She has adopted three children. After her break up with Tom cruise, she has got engaged with Spanish actor and producer Javier Bardem. Then she gave a birth of a child named, Luna. Penelope Cruz’s latest news in 2016 has been tempting her fans and viewers for an extended time.

Penelope Cruz top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016

Her best 10 movies which enthralled all are:

1. Vicky Christina Barcelona – Woody Allen is the director and writer of this movie. This film releases on 2008. It is an American romantic film with a touch of comedy and drama. This film is about two woman want to spend their summer vacation outside and there they met with an artist who has attacked them.

2. Volver – To go back is the meaning of Volver. Pedro Almodover is the director and writer of this film. It releases on 2006. It is a Spanish dramatic film. This film is about a mother, who died in an accident, she came back for tie up her family for its good.