Rachel McAdams is a beautiful Canadian actress who is known for her excellence and gracefulness. She has been amazingly delighting her fans and audiences wonderfully by giving them huge opportunity to experience something unique through her movies. She is known for her wonderful and power packed performances with the help of which she has won several millions of hearts and has been ruling it effortlessly. Shehas won Academy Award, BAFTA Award and Golden Globe award for her excellent performances.

More about actress Rachel Mcadams and her contribution to the world of Hollywood movies

Canadian actress Rachel McAdams is a well known name in the Hollywood industry and she has been flawlessly entertaining her fans through her films. In the coming year, 2016 she is expected to continue her good work in an efficient manner. Rachel McAdams latest news has always been in demand because of her huge level of popularity. Her name has appeared in the list of 50 Most Beautiful People in 2009. Here is the list of her top ten movies that you love to watch.

Rachel McAdams top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016


1. MEAN GIRLS: mean girls are a high school teenage drama directed by the talented director Mark Waters. This movie was a huge box office success and still remains as one of the most watchable movies.

2. THE HOT CHICK: This movie was a unique movie where a hot girl transfers into a guy due to her evil spirit. The movie is directed by Tom Brady. ‘The hot chicks’ was one of a kind and definitely won the hearts of a lot of movies.

3. The notebook: this beautiful movie has been directed by Nick Cassavetes and is definitely RACHEL MCADAMS Best Movies. The movie was a huge success and was hugely appreciated by the critics. It also won many awards.

4. Wedding crashers: this American romantic-comedy movie was directed by the famous and talented director David Doblin. The movie was very well taken by the audience and hugely appreciated. The movie also went off to win many awards.

5. The vow: the vow movie was a turning point in the career of Rachel McAdams. This movie was one of a kind movie. This American romantic movie touched the heart of the audience. It came onto be one of the biggest hits. The actress won a lot of awards for her lead role.

6. Red eye: this thriller movie directed by Wes cravens. The movie was breath taking and jaw dropping for the audience. It came on to be one of the biggest hits. The screenplays by the actors were amazing.

7. MORNING GLORY: morning glory is directed by the famous and talented director Roger Michelle. This realistic American movie won the heart of the audience in an amazing manner. It came on to be one the biggest hits.

8. THE FAMILY STONE: THE American comedy family drama directed by the talented director Thomas Bezucha. The movie came on to be a huge box office hit. It was also appreciated by the critique. The movie not only won the hearts of the audience but also many awards.

9. THE TIME TRAVELLER’S WIFE: This American movie was directed by the amazing director Robert Schwentke. The movie was a huge success and Rachael McAdams managed to win the heart of her fans with her amazing performance. She also won many awards for her role.

10. MIDNIGHT IN PARIS: This movie was directed by Woody Allen. The movie reached the high end of the critiques. The audience highly appreciated the movie and therefore became a famous hit. This movie won the heart of the audience and also many awards. The performance of the actress was highly appreciated.


She is one such star from the world of Hollywood who knows well the secret to impress the audience with her acting skill. Every role she plays in her movies is so lively that it manages to attract the soul of the viewers in an amazing way. In coming times there are few movies of her which will hit the theaters. Just take a look at it.


• SHERLOCK HOMES 3: This movie is under production and story is not yet revealed.

• Doctor Strange: Directed by Scott Derrickson. With Rachel McAdams, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Mads Mikkelsen.

She is also supposedly going to feature in a TV show. The audience is super excited and cannot wait to see this talented actress in the big screen.

Rachel McAdams is a beauty that not only leaves the audience breathless with her beauty but also with her extraordinary acting skills. She is hugely appreciated by the audience and her fans loved watching her strut her skills. Stay connected with us for more updates about RACHEL MCADAMS.