Robert De Niro is a wonderful American Actor as well as a producer too who is known for his amazing look and extraordinary voice through which he mesmerizes his fans and audiences wonderfully. He is attached with the film industry for quite a longer period. He is best approached for his roles by many film directors owing to the awesome character sketch he does for his audience. Russell De Niro is best accepted widely owing to the perfect reviews he receives from his critics and the set of co stars he started his film career with. The way he performs is a dream to many upcoming and struggling junior artists. The value of his films is always very high and superb in the industry thus it receives great feedbacks from that of the viewers as well as the critics.

Robert De Niro power pact performance has always mesmereized the audience

For a long time Robert De Niro has been entertaining his audience and fans and has made it an amazing experience to note how wonderfully he has performed his task and efficiently managed to carry off with each of the characters that he has undertaken. Robert De Niro latest news always interests his fans and also has helped him to get extreme popularity throughout the world.

Robert De Niro top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016


 TAXI DRIVER: The movie taxi driver captivated the critics as well as the audience. The movie ended up earning four academy award nominations. It was also nominated for categories such as Best Picture Award and also Best Actor Award. The actor managed to win the heart of the audience.

 THE GODFATHER PART II: The famous movie Godfather II is an instant classic American movie. The movie won three Academy Awards which also included best picture. It also earned Universal Critical Acclaim. It was definitely Robert De Niro best movie.

 RAGING BULL: the movie raging bull is a viscerally violent; ruthlessly gripping as well as adrenaline-soaked depiction of a man’s self destructive spiral. The movie represents or depicts the circumstances that will take place when a star believes in a dream to fight for it.

 MEAN STREETS: The movie was a massive hit and gravely appreciated by the audience. The critics also appreciated the film and therefore, the movie turned out to be a huge box office hit.

 BRAZIL: Actor Robert De Niro managed to win the hearts of his fans by spreading magic through his acting. The movie became a blockbuster in the box office and was hugely appreciated by the audience.

 GOODFELLAS: The movie Goodfellas was a massive hit and received the high end of the critiques. This blockbuster movie managed to win a good number of awards.

 A BRONX TALE: This movie of Robert De Niro became a favorite of his fans due to its unique content. The movie received good review from the critiques as well as managed to win many awards.

 MIDNIGHTS RUN: The movie “Midnight Run” was one of a kind that managed to steal the heart of the audience. It was a massive hit and the role of Robert De Niro was hugely appreciated by fans.

 THE KING OF COMEDY: This American comedy movie turned out to be one of the biggest hits in the actor’s career. He was well appreciated by his spectators as well as the critiques.

 AMERICAN HUSTLE: This American movie won the heart of the viewers and turned out to be a blockbuster. The movie achieved a lot of awards and Robert De Niro was praised for his acting skills.

UPCOMING MOVIES OF Robert De Niro in 2016

Robert De Niro latest movies 2016 are anticipated to be ranking among the best films.

1. The Comedian Directed by Taylor Hackford. With Robert De Niro, Leslie Mann. A look at the life of an aging insult comic.

2. Hands of stone- One of the most awaited upcoming movies of Robert is Hands of stone, which is expected to hit the silver screen at the end of 2016. Jonathan Jakubowicz is the writer director of this film.

The predictions depict that the movies are bound to be huge box office hits. The fans of Robert De Niro cannot wait for his movies to release soon. The audience loves the actor not only for his extra ordinary good looks but also for his amazing acting skills that connects to the audience like magic that is bound to create wonders. Keep visiting this section regularly to know more about latest news about Robert De Niro and his films.