Robert Downey Jr. Top 10 Movies that raised him to fame

Robert Downey Jr. Top 10 new Movies 2016 and upcoming : Robert Downey Jr. is a well known celebrity of the Hollywood industry, the leading entertainment industry of the world. He is a very well accustomed with great acting skills and talents. He has been known for successful movies at the box office. This American actor is also a well known film maker and singer and is amazingly popular throughout the world. He grabbed the attention of the audiences through his wonderful movies especially during the 80s when he played the leading role in film Chaplin. His powerful and mesmerizing performances in different movies since then have entertained his audiences and have helped him to make a perfect position for himself in the film industry. The year 2016 will see more of him on the big screen as he is expected to come out with some unique and excellent films.

Robert Downey Jr. top 10 movies 2016 that make you acquainted to his acting skills

Robert Downey Jr. latest news is always associated with his upcoming projects that make his fans wonderfully interested in it and which also helps him to garner huge accolades throughout the industry. He has given many hits since the beginning of his career.

Robert Downey Jr. Top 10 Movies 2016 And Upcoming Films 2016-2017

Below is the list of top ten movies of the Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. till 2016.

1. Less Than Zero – This 1987 film earned the actor huge appraisal for his excellent role and performance. He began to step up in the ladder of success and amazingly gained the attention of different film makers as well as from his audiences.

2. Chaplin – This film was released in 1992 and had Robert in a very amazing and entertaining role. He was also nominated for the Best Actor for the Oscars award for his role as Little Tramp. It made him excellent actor and developed his name in the industry. This is one of Robert Downey Jr. best movies 2016.

3. The Last Party – This film had Robert in a wonderful role that made audiences wonderfully acquainted with his acting skills. It is also known for making him garnering huge accolades from films critics.

4. Richard III – This is one of the best adaptations of the Bard and the actor proved to be wonderfully perfect for the role that he played. He made people feel his acting powers and also grabbed the attention of some of the best film makers of the industry.

5. The Singing Detective – With this film the actor established himself in the industry and made his audiences experience something out of the box. In the film he played the character who is affected by a condition that makes his skin cracked and raw.

6. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – the film came out in 2005 and it has Robert in the role of a crook masked an actor. His wonderful and powerful delivery of dialogues and amazing acting skills made his fans content and happy with his films. This is one of Robert Downey Jr. top 10 movies 2016.

7. A Scanner Darkly – this 2006 film was animated adaption of Philip K. Dick’s novel. With its amazing unique animation style through which it was made helped the people to experience something rare and distinctive that was ever produced in the industry.

8. Zodiac – this film had Robert playing one of the three men who is obsessed with tracking down the infamous real life. This film has been amazingly popular and it also helped in raising the career graph of the actor.

9. Iron man – Robert Downey Jr. movies lists are incomplete without mentioning the name of this film of the actor. This talented actor gave wonderful experience to his audiences.

10. Tropic Thunder – the film was released in 2008 and it has helped the actor to gain his second Oscar Nomination, this time it was for Supporting Actor and it also helped him to enhance its acting skills further.

Robert Downey Jr. upcoming movies in 2016

With everyone looking forward and planning out something special for the New Year the fans of Robert Downey Jr. are awaiting for his movies wonderfully. They love to see the actor on screen and are highly mesmerized by his performance in all the movies that he is a part of. With Robert Downey Jr. new movies 2016 you can expect something very different and amazing. But one thing that is sure is that he will rule your heart with his power packed performance. We are confident about the fact that the upcoming movies of this actor is going to be highest net worth creating movies of Robert Downey Jr.

Captain America: Civil War is the upcoming movie of the actor which is scheduled to release in 2016. It is the next part of Marvel films and is expected to entertain the audiences like before.

. Sherlock Holmes 3 is the another upcoming movies of RRobert Downey Jr. with Judd Law and Rachel McAdams.

Thus, it is good news for the fans of Robert Downey Jr. to look out for him in the New Year and expect something that can amuse them wonderfully. Robert Downey Jr. upcoming new films will be in your nearby cinemas soon to make you give you a wonderful feel.