Sandra Bullock Top 10 Movies that made her wonderful in the industry

Sandra Bullock Top 10 new Movies 2016 : Sandra Bullock is a very entertaining and highly appreciated celebrity of Hollywood industry. This is an American actress who has been wonderfully known throughout the world. She has been very popular among her fans and has also got great reviews for her excellent acting skills. With the coming year 2016 the actress is expected to do some great work in the industry and she will also amazingly perform the roles that she will undertake. This actress is all ready to make her fans mesmerized through her performances and wonderful looks and beauty. She has made herself one of the best actresses of the industry.

Sandra Bullock top 10 movies that entertains you thoroughly

Sandra Bullock is one of the most amazing and excellent actresses of the world. She and her wonderful acting skills are wonderfully popular throughout the world. Sandra Bullock latest news is always cherished and loved by her fans and audiences. Her new acting projects and films also keep them highly engaged and interested. She is known for doing magic on his fans and is also one of the highest paid actresses of the industry. The Net worth of Sandra Bullock movies in the Box office is huge.

Sandra Bullock Top 10 Movies List till 2016 And Upcoming Films

Let us take a look at the top ten movies of this Hollywood actress Sandra Bullock .

1. The Blind Side – This is one of the best movies of the actress in which she has performed wonderfully. She has got her first Academy Awards nomination for this film in which she played the role of a wealthy and outspoken wife and mom. This film deserves to be on top of Sandra Bullock movies lists.

2. 28 Days – this is yet another wonderful film of the actress in which she played the role of a drunken newspaper columnist who was sent to rehab. She was perfectly been able to carry out her performance and execute the character in a wonderful way.

3. Infamous – This film was highly appreciated and acclaimed by the audiences and critics. The wonderful plot of the film was very engaging that kept the audiences’ attention hooked to it.

4. Crash – This amazing film had Bullock is a very unique role which she carried off very well. The wonderful dialogue delivery and excellent dramatic performance of the actress made her one of the leading and most loved actresses of the Hollywood industry.

5. The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood – It was a perfect film that reflected the dysfunctional family relationship and entertained the audiences thoroughly. The film had Bullock in a very interesting role which grabbed the attention of her audiences.

6. Hope Floats – This film had a wonderful story where Bullock finds her husband’s infidelity during a television talk show and packs her bags and moved to her hometown along with her daughter. This film saw a power packed performance of the actress because of which it has been considered as one of Sandra Bullock top 10 movies.

7. While You Were Sleeping – This is a feel good movie with light hearted comedy that you will definitely not want to miss out. This film is also very appreciated by the critics and audiences who were highly impressed with Bullock’s performance.

8. Practical Magic – The film had Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock playing the role of sisters who are raised by their witchy aunts after their parents expired. This film saw Bullock in a very interesting role.

9. The Net – this 1995 film helped the actress to gain wonderful attention from the audiences and to garner huge accolades from the film critics. She wonderfully essayed the role of a software expert.

10. Miss Congeniality – This is yet another movie that proved the worth of Sandra Bullock. The film had her playing the role of an FBI agent who goes undercover at the Miss United States pageant to catch a serial killer. This is one of Sandra Bullock best movies that her fans must watch.

Sandra Bullock Upcoming movies in 2016

Sandra Bullock new movies 2016 are all set to hit the theatres very soon. The actress is all ready to entertain and engage her fans wonderfully. Her films and her acting skills are wonderfully appreciated by all. She is all set to entertain her audiences and helps them to experience something unique and excellent. She also maintains a wonderful level of high quality acting through which she amuses her audiences perfectly.

Her upcoming projects include:

There is no upcoming movies of Sandra Bullock still. We will update this upcoming movies list very soon.

Thus the films of this actress are all set to entertain her audiences. Sandra Bullock is also ready to gain great and wonderful appreciation and attention from her audience through her new releases.