Sean Penn top 10 movies that made him an established actor

Sean Penn is a much appreciated and highly adored actor of the well known Hollywood industry. He is known for charming his fans through his amazing skills and wonderful talent that helps him to be among the leading actors of the industry. With the coming year 2016 this actor can be seen at the box office with wonderful entertaining roles and great movies.

Sean Penn top 10 movies 2016 that you must not miss out

Sean Penn latest news is always loved and enjoyed by his fans located in different parts of the world. His movies are known for always doing good business and earning a wonderful net worth that makes him a favourite among the producers.

Sean Penn top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016 with trailers

Sean Penn top 10 wonderful movies are mentioned below

1. Milk- This is one of most engaging and interesting movies of Sean Penn. His amazing performance and wonderful acting skills have managed him to garner great accolades from different parts of the world and it also allowed him to showcase his wonderful prowess in front of others. It is one of Sean Penn best movies.

2. Fast Times at Ridgemont High- In this movie Penn gave a legendary performance that helped him to grab the attention of the audience and the critics. Through this amazing film Penn managed to get a good break in the early stage of his career and he even proved his worth as an actor.

3. Mystic River- this movie released 2003 and it helped Penn win a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award for his extraordinary performance that helped him to get noticed by the critics and to enjoy their uninterrupted positive reviews.

4. I Am Sam- In this movie that was released in 2001 Penn won an Oscan nomination for his amazing performance that helped him to wonderfully swipe the attention of the public and win their hearts with his efficiency. It is one of Sean Penn top 10 movies.

5. Dead Man Walking- this film hit the theatres in 1995 and it brought an Academy Award nomination for Penn. He with his extraordinary skills and great acting prowess managed to win millions of hearts and garner great attention from the critics.

6. Sweet and Lowdown- the movie had Penn in a very entertaining role that he managed to carry off very well. He was much appreciated by all and he also managed to earn the nomination for Best Actor at the Oscars.

7. Carlito’s Way- this movie was released in 1993 and in this film it was very tough to recognize Penn. Although his wonderful character and great accent helped the audience to know him but the makeup as an immoral gangster was just enough to conceive his identity. Through his wonderful acting skills he won over millions of hearts and also earned a Golden Globe nomination.

8. 21 Grams- this is one movie that helped Penn to showcase his talents amazingly. He was playing the role of a college professor with a heart problem and the way he carried off the character was highly appreciating. His wonderful delivery of dialogues and great performance did wonders at the theatres. The film needs a special mention when we talk about Sean Penn movies list.

9. She’s so Lovely- the film was released in 1997 and it helped the actor to garner great accolades from different corners of the film industry. His love and passion for acting was visible in the movie and he also gave a very entertaining performance that was loved by all.

10. This Must be the Place- Through this 2011 movie the actor came in the limelight with his mesmerizing role and he also managed to rule the box office for a long time. His great skills helped him to get accolades from individuals belonging to different parts of the world.

Sean Penn Upcoming movies 2016:

Through Sean Penn new movies 2016 the actor is all set to live up to the expectations of his fans and to provide them with a great opportunity to enjoy his skills on the big screen. The life of this star is very sensational and he is seen always in news. His fans are always interested to know about the latest happenings in life of the star.

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Your wait for the actor’s wonderful presence on the big screen is going to be over soon as he is ready to hit the theatres with some amazing releases. We will keep you updated about the latest upcoming news about Sean Penn, Be with us.