Top 10 most Beautiful and Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2016 : The talented and beautiful actresses of Hollywood who stole the heart of millions

Top 10 most Beautiful and Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2016 : When it comes to the most beautiful and popular actresses, there are many women who can top the chart. They are known to display their beauty so that the world can see it. Popular and beautiful actresses are the favorite of millions of fans around the world. There are selected few actresses in Hollywood who with their beauty and talent impressed the audiences several times. We made an attempt to discover the top 10 actresses popular as well as beautiful.

most Beautiful and Popular Hollywood Actresses 2016

The beautiful and talented Hollywood actresses of 2016 who are popular for their talent

The different actresses who made up to the list posses high amount of expertise when it comes to movie making. They have received high amount recognition by way of showcasing their skills and talents.

The list of Top 10 most Beautiful and Popular Hollywood Actresses in 2016 is shown as under:

1. Angelina Jolie- She is an astonishing Hollywood beauty who proudly makes it to the top of this list. She is a winning screen writer, actress, author and film director who is highly paid in the industry. She has won numerous prestigious awards throughout her career, and she is very popular.

2. Marion Cotillard- Born in the year 1975 in Paris, she is a well-known song writer, actress, and singer. She is known to deliver super hit movies like Inception and The Dark Night Rises, which gave her a total of 3 awards for best acting. Another movie named La vie en rose was also very successful. Due to her success in Hollywood this astonishing beauty became highly popular.

3. Julia Roberts- She is regarded as one of the most popular beauties of Hollywood, who was able to make it to the list of the Top 50 Globe’s most charming and Beautiful women. She delivered many unforgettable hits in the industry; that gained her mass popularity.

4. Charlize Theron- This 38-year-old South African beauty is amazingly pretty, and is one of the most celebrated actresses in the Hollywood. She has delivered many award winning performances in various Hollywood movies like Devil’s Advocate and Cider House among others. She is a woman possessing extreme charm.

5. Cameron Diaz- She is one of the highly recognized and popular actresses possessing astonishing beauty in Hollywood. She is the four-time proud winner of Golden Award. Her best movies include: Vanilla Sky and New York Gangs among others. This beauty is highly respected in the industry.

6. Scarlett Johansson- She is an American model, singer and actress who was born in the year 1984. She started acting at the age of 9. Movies like The Avengers and The Prestige got her real popularity and recognition. She is also a distinguished beauty who received maximum attention in the industry.

7. Mila Kunis- The Ukrainian born actress stands on the seventh spot. She had been able to establish herself as one of the most diligent actresses who posses immense beauty in the industry. Her acting in numerous movies like Black Swan, The book of Eli and Ted among others gave her the acknowledgment and esteem high that she deserved.

8. Jessica Alba- This eye-catching and stunning actress is known for her dramatic skills along with her modeling Excellency. Born in the year 1981, she has achieved all-round success within a short duration of time in the industry. Besides, she is tremendously beautiful.

9. Emma Stone- Her acting job helped her to gain massive popularity when she was selected as an actress in her first movie in Hollywood. Her spectacular and blissful facial expressions make her highly endearing to the fans worldwide. She is greatly admired amongst her fans.

10. Jennifer Aniston- She is one of the highly admired and popular faces in Hollywood, who is well known for her excellent acting skills and also for her charming looks and beauty. She was able to rise to the top many times in Hollywood. Her award-winning contributions gained her immense popularity.

Studying about all these wonderful women is always a unique experience. They are most popular and beautiful Hollywood actresses in 2016 who have contributed wholly in Hollywood.