Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Producers in 2016 : The stars who took the risk of producing films in Hollywood and became famous for their talent

List of top 10 most popular Hollywood producers 2016 : To create a world class movie you need full contribution of everyone involved in it. Actors and actresses only do not make the movie successful. The producers of Hollywood work hard to protect the dignity of their production houses; that’s why they are renowned worldwide. Taking the risk of making a film and then checking the performance on the screen is a very responsible job which only a few can do. There are many producers in the land of Hollywood but only few gets the credit to get enlisted in the top 10 list and for that they deserve a round of applause. We will present a list of the top producers of Hollywood in 2016 for our readers.

Top 10 Most Popular Hollywood Producers in 2016

List of top 10 Hollywood producers in 2016 for the fans worldwide

Producers of Hollywood are the backbone of the movies. It is their hard work and dedication which made them famous in the world. Here are some names that are best in this job.

Here is a list of top 10 best Hollywood Producers of film industry in 2016-

1. Irwin Winkler: This American producer was born in 1931. He is not just a famous producer but a good director also. He has done more than fifty movies, and much of them are very successful in the box office.

2. Brian Grazer: Brian Grazer was born in the year of 1951, and he is counted among the most popular producers in Hollywood industry. In his long career, he has received many prestigious awards. His name is enough to make a hit movie. He graduated from the USC school of Cinema-Television.

3. Diablo Cody: Diablo has a production house named Independent. She has produced many hit movies of Hollywood among them “Young Adult” is very famous. She is a well-established actress and a well-known producer of this modern era.

4. Tim Bevan: Tim was born in England, but he came to America to open his production house. Tim is 56 years old, and he is one of the bests in this era. His production house has given us many popular movies like Bridget Jones’s Diary, Love, Moonlight and Valentino and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

5. Megan Ellison: She is one of the most famous beauty queens of Hollywood, and she is a very talented producer too. The name of her production house is Annapurna Pictures, where Annapurna is an Indian goddess. She has produced many hit movies like Spring Break and Zero Dark Thirty.

6. Drew Barrymore: Drew first entered as an actress in this industry. After she had got appreciation for her roles, she tried producing, and she became a very famous producer of Hollywood. Drew is not just beautiful she is one of the most talented actresses in the industry. When she tried as a producer; success hit her like a storm. The name of her production house is Flower Films.

7. Eric Fellner: Eric belongs to UK, but when he came to the totally unknown place for him called Hollywood he became a famous producer. In his long career, he has produced many films, and he got some awards too. Some of the films are Dead Man Walking, United 93, and Senna.

8. Kathleen Kennedy: Kathleen is a very famous producer cum director. This beautiful lady is one of the most dedicated producers in the entire industry. She created her production house Amblin Entertainment in collaboration with Frank Marshal and Steven Spielberg.

9. Clint Eastwood: Clint is from San Francisco. He is one of the best producers Hollywood could ever have. Not only a producer he is a very good actor and in the direction we can see his master class work too. He has done some roles in his movies.

10. Scott Rudin: Scoot Rudin is arguably the best producer in the Hollywood industry. He has won many awards like Grammy, Oscar, Academy Awards in his long career. Some of his great movies are Sleepy Hollow, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, etc.

These producers are one of the precious gems of Hollywood in 2016. They are not only talented but idealist also. Without their hard work and dedication, Hollywood is incomplete.