Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actresses of 2016 : The elegance and beauty along with exceptional acting skill made the top 10 actresses of Hollywood rich and successful

List of top 10 richest Hollywood actresses 2016 : Hollywood is a land of dreams. Our every dream comes true here, and you can see the most beautiful women in the world in the land of Hollywood and also the one who are having a good bank account too which they earned for their exceptional skill of acting. We along with our experts researched in this area in order to find who are those talented Hollywood actresses, who deserve a place in the list of top 10 richest Hollywood actresses in 2016?

Top 10 Richest Hollywood Actresses of 2016, top 10 list

Meeting the successful and Richest Hollywood actresses 2016 who made their place in Top 10 list

We are sure that our readers will be keen to know the names of all those sensational actresses who are rich and successful because of their exceptional talent in the world of acting.

Presenting the list of top 10 richest Hollywood actresses 2016

1. Penelope Cruz- Penelope Cruse is one of the most shine stars of Hollywood industry. She is in the business for many years. Her acting skill is amazing, and we all know that. She has earned many dollars in this time. She earns nearly 34 million every year. That’s a huge amount.

2. Meryl Streep- Meryl is in the industry for more than thirty years, and she has earned a lot of experience, respect and money with her performances. In every genre, we can see her work. Meryl is a much matured actress and very wealthy too. She has bagged near 46 million in her working career.

3. Sarah Jessica Parker- Sarah is the lead actress in the hit show S..x in the City. She worked there for more than ten years and then she decided to come on the big screen. She is one of the gorgeous ladies of her age. Approximately she has earned 70 million dollars throughout her career and still counting.

4. Cameron Diaz- Cameroon Diaz is a very sexy babe from Hollywood, and she has given us many entertaining movies in her career. She is a one of a kind actress. Her appearance only is enough to make a movie hit. She has approximately 74 million dollars in her account and with her appearances the numbers are going to be an increase.

5. Reese Witherspoon: Reese has started her career very early. Now she has turned to 35 and till now her beauty is unmatched. She has done several kind of movies, and each of them is she has done great. She has 79 million dollars in her bag to be called one of the richest in the world.

6. Sandra Bullock: Sandra is another great star of Hollywood. Her lusty looks let the people go crazy after her. Sandra has done great roles in her career, and she is counted among one of the best in the industry. She has 83 million, and the count is still on.

7. Jennifer Aniston: At the age of 33 Jennifer is still dominating the industry. She is in the favourite list of many producers and director. She is one of the most matured actresses in the business. Jennifer has 120 million to call her one of the rich one in the industry.

8. Angelina Jolie: Angelina is the star of any show. Whenever she appears on the screen she blows the mind of the viewers with her amazing performance. She started her career when she was very young, but her development made her one of the most successful in the industry. Her total property value is 125 million dollars.

9. Drew Barrymore: Drew started her career as a great actress, but she became one of the finest producers of the industry. She is a talented girl who possesses the ability to shine in the industry with her hard work and dedication. Her bank account contains 126 million dollars. That’s huge.

10. Julia Roberts: Julia is one of the most desired one in the industry. She is not only a talented one in the industry but also a very versatile actress. She is the most famous American actress in the industry. Julia has 170 million in her account.

The richest Hollywood actresses in 2016 are not only amazing but also has the ability expressed their character on the screen, You will be highly satisfied with the performance of them that’s why the masses love them.