Top Hollywood Romantic Movies : Leading Romantic Hollywood films that fills the air with love and romance

Which are the top 10 best Hollywood romantic movies of all time 2016: Movies are here to entertain each one of us with great ideas and excellent storylines. People go to visit movies to get acquainted with something that they already know but something which has been shot in a very amazing way to deliver the message that is required by them. Films are always considered as the best platform to inform and educate people about certain issues as it leaves great impact on their personality as well as on their mental state.

10 Best romantic films ever produced in Hollywood

There are movies of different genres – comedy, action, horror, romantic etc. Each of them is extremely popular and loved by all but there is huge number of people throughout the world who exclusively waits for romantic Hollywood movies to come out. Hollywood, the leading entertainment industry of the world is known for making excellent films with high class, cinematography, direction and wonderful performance by the actors. Hollywood has also delivered some of the best romantic movies till the end of 2016 which was and even now holds the position of the best romantic films ever made.

Top hollywood romantic movies all time 2015 the notebook
Below is the list of the best 10 romantic movies of all times 2016 made in Hollywood.

1. Love Actually– This is a Christmas based romantic comedy which was written and directed by Richard Curtis. The film with its sober and intricate plot has held the leading spot in the list. It tells ten stories of people whose lives cross each other’s paths in some way or the other. These stories are told in the best and most unexpected way. It also different aspects of love and holds a special place among individuals who have soft corners for love and romance.

2. The Notebook– This film starred by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams tells a wonderful love story of young lovers who are forced to change their way due to war and long separation. This American romantic drama definitely possesses the power and strength to be among the 10 Most Romantic Hollywood Movies of All Time.

3. Wall-E– People might think that romance cannot be depicted in animation. But then here we have Wall-E, a romantic science fiction animation film which proved the previous concept wrong. The story is about how Wall-E tries to preserve love for EVE a cold and advanced robot. It has a heartwarming story which ever manifested on screen. The beauty of the film lies in the strong emotion of love which it depicted.

4. Notting Hill– Starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant this film speaks for itself. It has every element which is required to make a film successful. It has story, it has love, it has romance and it has power packed performance. This romantic flick helped Roberts to get the position of romance queen.

5. Dirty Dancing– This romantic flick made its audience fall in love with dance. It has been named as the Star Wars for women. The film reflects the romance between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey who are playing the lead characters. It also helped Patrick to become a heartthrob.

6. Ghost- Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore starrer this film has everything that needs for perfect romance. Both the stars had devoted themselves for the characters they played and it has led to one of the most romantic scenes in the history of films.

7. Pretty Woman- Gary Marchall’s film fits very well in the genre of comedy as well as in romance. Film was about the two characters of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Roberts played the role of a girl who greets everyone with her bright smile and Gere was seen playing the role of a sensitive businessman. The film and its extremely loveable plot have helped it to find a place in the 10 Most Romantic Hollywood Movies of All Time.

8. Titanic- Talking about romance, how can we leave out Titanic? Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet played the perfect lovers. The story was all about how Titanic sank and how the story and life of these two lovers began here. This is an amazing heart-breaking romantic film.

9. Jerry Maguire- The romance of this film still has the power to make the audience fall for it each time they see it. Tom Cruise and Rene Zellweger played perfect couple sharing some amazing romantic moments on screen.

10. Casablanca- This 1942 Hollywood film is considered as an epic in the genre of romantic films. It is timeless and has a universal appeal attached with it. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergmen boast their onscreen chemistry very well.

Romance is there is everybody’s life and all of us enjoy it but we tend to take it for granted. Movies help us to realize how much we love our partner. Stay tuned for the upcoming top romantic movies of Hollywood for the year 2016.