Will Ferrell top 10 movies that entertains you amazingly

Will Ferrell is a renowned personality in the Hollywood industry. He is an American actor, comedian, film maker, and impressionist. He generated the comedy genre in a new way in the Hollywood Industry. He is very well known for his creativity. His first film was – The bucket of blood. He has received Emmy awards, Golden Globe, ESPY, Kids choice, MTV Movie, James Joyce, Razee, Teen choice, Satellite, Spike TV choice awards and so on.

Will Ferrell top 10 movies 2016 that entertains you

Will Ferrell latest news has been captivating his fans and audience for a long time. He wonderfully performed his task in each of the characters that he has undertaken. He has got married on 2000 with Viveca Paulin. He is a huge fan of USC football team. He is a big supporter of the football team of Chelsea. His work is amazingly accepted by his fans and audience.

Will Ferrell top 10 movies list and upcoming movies in 2016 with trailers

His top most films 2016 are:

1. ELF – Jon Favreau is the director of this film. It releases on 2003. It is an American comedy movie, based on Christmas. Deren Barambaue is the writer of this movie. This movie is about Santa wants to meet his biological father and wants to spread the Christmas joy all over.

2. Kicking and Screaming – It releases on 2005. It is an American comedy movie. Jesse Dylan is the director of this movie. Robert Duvali and Will Ferrell are the stars of this film. This film tells a story of a soccer player and his coach. This is one of the best movies of Will Ferrell’s Movie lists.

3. Zoolander – This is a comedy film. The story tells about a fashion model who has brainwashed to murder the Malaysian Prime minister. His wife Christine Taylor was his co – star. At the end of the film He has transformed into a sweet guy from a stupid model. Will Ferrell plays the character of Jacomiv Mugatu.

4. Stranger than fiction – It is an American comedy film based on fantasy. Mark Forster is the director of this movie. It releases on 2006. Zech Helm is the writer of this film. This movie is one of the Will Ferrell top 10 movies 2016.

5. A night at the Roxbury – The American comedy film is based on a skit that is supposed to be a popular television show of the time. The storyline of the movie is on a frequent nightclub lifestyle dancing away on the unison to dance music. This movie ranks among Will Ferrell best movies.

6. The other guys – The detectives of the area is unlike the heroic counterpart of the forces engaged in the movie as a whole. The storyline is on a detective case which are being investigated gallowing violation one by one and clearing it off the area. This movie is one of the Will Ferrell top 10 movies 2016.

7. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby – This is an American comedy film that was directed by the best director Adam McKay. This is an American romantic movie.

8. Old school – This is one of the nostalgic movies that deal with all the fun of college and none of education at all. This fall sunder the genre of the American comedy film that was widely accepted by the spectators as well as received positive response from that of the critics.

9. Step Brothers – This is an American slapstick buddy comedy again directed by McKay. This movie gained a lot of appreciation as well as culture. The wonderful picturization of the movie is little childish and innocent.

10. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy – This movie is a romantic movie awesome and beautifully figured out by the hero. He looks classic with his dressing sense and the way of approach he made in film.

Upcoming projects of Will Ferrell 2016

Will Ferrell will bang the theaters with his upcoming project Get Hard. So far we have news for the below upcoming films of this star.

 Zoolander 2 – Ben Stiller is the director of this movie. Zoolander 2 will be releasing on 2016. This is one of the Will Ferrell new movies 2016.

He is all set to make you highly entertain and to help you experience something new with his performance. This actor is also ready to mesmerize you with Will Ferrell brilliant performance.