Top 10 Best Funny Movies in 2016

Best funny movies ruling the hearts of the audience and entertaining them to the fullest : One of the best ways of entertaining the people throughout the world is through movies. Funny movies are the best way through which one can gain excellent experience of laughter and comedy. Watching funny movies entertains the people as well as it makes them get rid of their everyday tensions and headaches. At the end of the movie there is a contentment and happy smile on the face of the audience which ensure that they have loved the film entirely.

List of amazing funny movies

Funny movies are made throughout the world to make people amuse and to be a wonderful way of enjoying their leisure time. However there are some movies which have been able to create a wonderful impact on the minds of the people. These funny movies are adored and loved by the people throughout the world for their humor and excellently funny incidents or situations.

list of 10 best funny movies 2016

Below is the list of 10 best funny movies that entertains the audience throughout the world.

1. SFx Tape – This high budget film adds some spice in the life of the audience and is capable of entertaining them to the fullest. The story is about a couple who creates their sFx tape and gets coordinated to few iPads. The film has a lot of laughing scenes which makes the audience burst out in laughter. This film is thus leading the list of Top 10 Best Funny Movies.

2. The Other Woman – The film has an amazing story about three female friends who finds out different ways to have fun and to get rid of tensions in their life. The Other Woman is being loved by its audience and is still making great business by dominating several cinemas throughout the world. It is one of the Best Funny Movies that one can come across.

3. A Million Ways to Die in the West – The story of this wonderful film revolves round a man who makes great efforts to face his problems and to help his girlfriend in one way or the other. This is an amazing comedy that entertains the audience perfectly.

4. Welcome to the Jungle – The story of the film moves on by focusing on a man, Chris and his difficulties to stand up to the individuals. The funny incidents that are attached with the story line and is perfectly performed by the actors, the film is definitely among the Best Funny Movies.

5. Tammy – The film is about Tammy having an eventful day with an irritating car. It showcases how Tammy decides to get rid of all her problems of life and hides her money to run away from her family. With an interesting story and amazing direction the film is very funny and amazingly loved by the audience and has made a good way among the popular Funny Movies for the year 2016.

6. They Came Together – This surely deserves to be among the Best Funny Movies because of its excellent plot of a mismatched linkup between two individuals. It makes the audience feel good, feel happy and feel refreshing.

7. 22 JumpS Street – The film is a sequel of 21 Jump Street. The comedy level of the film rises because of the funny incidents that takes place and because of wonderful performances of the actors.

8. Night At the Museum 3 – This movie is expected to come out in December and is considered to be very interesting because of its trailer. It is supposed to be a great entertainment with wonderful funny situations that will make the audience fall for it.

9. A Haunted House 2 – Marlon Wayanas, Essence Atkins, Jaime Pressly and Dave Sheridan are the leading stars of the film. It has an amazing story line which successfully entertains its audience and makes them laugh whole heartedly because of the wonderful performances. The film thus definitely deserves to be among the Best Funny Movies.

10. Muppets Most Wanted – This wonderful film has Muss Piggy, Ricky Gervais, Ty Burrell, Kermit and Tina Fey in the lead roles. Directed by Nicholas Stoller the film is very interesting and makes up the mood of the audience through its funny and efficient storyline.

Funny movies are great way of entertainment for people all around the world. These movies are known for their excellent comic timing and great fun elements. There will be hardly any person who don’t love to watch good funny movies, as it is one such genre which will definitely make you smile.