Top 10 Best Psychological Thriller Movies To Watch For 2016

5. Predestination – Directed by Michael Spierig and Peter Spiarig. The film stars Ethan Hawke who plays an important role of a time travelling agent who captures killers before they commit any crime. The film is based on a short story which is published by Robert Heinlein in 1958, “All You Zombies”. This is an amazing story which entertains and interests people and also helps them to find something unique and entertaining. Check out the list of Best Action Movies

6. Locke – Locke was shot in no more than just 5 days. This is a highly interesting and amazing minimalistic film that has Tom Hardy in the lead role of Ivan Locke. The entire film is about a 90 minute car ride. The film includes a series of events during the ride and is set in motion after Locke receives a call. This is what makes the film highly interesting and one of the most nail biting thrillers which keep you engaged as well as interested.

7. Cold in July – Jim Mickle is the Director of Cold in July. Michael C. Hall is returning on the big screen through this movie in the role of Richard Dane. The story is about how Richard shoots a burglar in his house and becomes a hero in Texas. But he was unaware that the burglar was the son of an ex-con who now wants to take revenge for his son’s murder. Read More : Most Suspenseful Movies