Top 10 Most Amazing Horror Movies in 2016: that can leave you feel scary and can take your sleep away

Horror movies that can leave you feel scary and can take your sleep away: Horror movies throughout the world are known for giving sleepless nights to the audience. It can be very engaging as well as frightening. These movies are very popular among people from different parts of the world because even though they are scared of experiencing horror in reality they get extreme pleasure in watching these movies interestingly. It is one of the most loved genres of films which is watched with extreme pleasure by kids, teenagers and adults alike.

List of best horror movies 2016 ever developed

There is large number of horror movies that has been produced throughout the world. But only some movies are really scary and deserve to be among the leading choice of their audiences. These are supernatural thrillers which promise to leave their audience with a mesmerizing feel.

Top 10 Most Amazing Horror Movies List in 2016

Below is the list of amazing horror movies 2016 produced ever.

1. The Woman in Black: Angel of Death – The film is the sequel of The Woman in Black and is one of the most haunted horror movies with great frightening moments for its audience to experience. This is a great film which has garnered huge accolade throughout the world because of its interesting plot and wonderful performance. This is a sexy and smart horror movie which will definitely make you feel thrilled. It has thus been able to grab the leading position among the Top 10 Most Amazing Horror Movies 2016.

2. Repentance – This amazing horror film is packed with supernatural effects and scenes that can take your breath away. The screaming vibes of the film can surely give a chill in your spine. It has a gripping and engaging storyline which you cannot miss out watching and is thus it one among the Most Amazing Horror Movies 2016.

3. Sleepwalkers – This is yet another horror film which has a lot of scary moments and bloody horror. Directed and written by Ryan Lightbourn, this movie surely has all elements that can give sleepless nights to the audience.They experience the most frightening plot in the best horror way. It has also been among considered among the leading Amazing Horror Movies.

4. The Purge 2 – Directed by James DeMonaco, this film promises the audience to experience a rare and wonderful plot. It is the sequel of the film The Purge and is truly terrifying with excellent horror and scary events and incidents attached with the plot.

5. The Returned – This amazing horror film is directed by Manuel Carboallo. It has Emily Hampshire, Kirsten Holden-Ried and Claudia Bassols in the lead role and has been considered as one of the Most Amazing Horror Movies. The film tells an amazing story about a half zombie human and it has extreme horror that gives goose bumps to the audience. This thriller movie illustrates horror in the best possible way.

6. She Rises – Larry Wade Carrell has written and directed this horror flick with Michael Biehn, Jennifer Blanc and Angus Macfadyen in the lead roles. The tagline of the film – Her fantasy, your nightmare- itself reflects the kind of horror with which the film is packed. It has amazing storyline with great direction that spills blood and horror throughout and is also regarded as one of the Most Amazing Horror Movies.

7. [Rec] Apocalipsis – The film has everything that can entertain and frighten the audience. Releasing in October this film is expected to frighten its audience with some gory horror.

8. The Quiet Ones – This film is an intense horror with amazing story line and great performance done by Jared Harris, Sam Claflin and Olivia Cooke. The director John Pogue has been able to carve out his own niche of terror through this flick. He has developed a wonderful and amazing terrifying plots in the form of this mind blowing Horror Movies 2016.

9. Night of the Living Dead: Origins 3D – If you love horror then this is a must watch movie which makes you feel the terror in an amazing way. It is a sequel and the film promises to be much more thrilling and terrifying than the first part. It’s going to hit the cinemas in October and is expected to have nothing but only horror.

10. Megafoot – This is a mind blowing horror film that has been produced in Hollywood. The film shows a perfect horrifying creature splitting the human in half.

Horror movies in 2016 are known for delivering frightening experience to their audience. These movies are known for giving goose bumps to their audience and also have the ability to represent horror in an amazing and excellent way.