Top 10 Most Popular Movies of Jackie Chan of all the time

Jackie Chan and his popular power bagged movies of all time!: Jackie Chan is a very successful American artist of entertainment world. The adventures of this friction hero are famous all over the world. His fictionalized version of the eminent action films are the references that include in the animated games and children’s play. The movies of the action hero Jackie Chan have always been awarded as the success movies of the world. His set of films is set in a different genre and is away from all other types of films. The release of Jackie Chan movies gets his directors and the producers a good amount of profit. This way the actor Jackie Chan himself earns much more from popular movies of Jackie Chan that too in addition to the fame and the appreciation as well from his global fans.

Checking out the list of popular movies of Jackie Chan

It is said generally that the name of Jackie Chan requires no introduction. It is over thirty-years that he is moving ahead with his career as a successful actor over thirty years.

Top Most Popular Movies of Jackie Chan of all the time Till 2016 list

Here is a list of top 10 Jackie Chan movies till 2016 which are supposed to be the best in the world. The list is as follows:

1. Drunken Master Series: Drunken master movie series was released in the year 1978 and then ended in the year 1999. The movies of these series are basically in the humorous tone as well as managed to be super captivating for the viewers. The fans of Jackie Chan are became his true fans after watching this movie series.

2. Rush Hour 2: Brett Ratner is the director of the movie Rush Hour 2. The plot of the story is a suspense martial art affair. The release of the story was done in the year 2002 where Jackie was gracefully appreciated and blessed for his work.

3. Miracles: The year of 1989 was the remarkable year when Jackie Chan’s action movie Miracles was released. The wonderful part about this movie is that the plot of the entire story was written by the actor Jackie Chan himself and even directed by him only. This film was released in various names in numerous countries like The black dragon (US),The Canton Godfather(Australia).

4. Rumble in the Bronx: The movie is an interesting on which is full of martial arts and beautiful tactics to be followed. The casting stars of the movie were Anita Mui and Jackie Chan. Both of them together have presented to the fans the most successful arts of martial moves.

5. Twin Dragons: The action movie twin Dragons was released in the year 1992 and turned out to be the best hit due to Jackie Chan’s double role played in the movie as it was supposed to be a story of twin brothers that too with different and distinctive features as well as varied interests of life and totally different habits.

6. Crime Story: The Crime Story got released in the year 1990, and the story of the movie goes like this, Jackie Chan being the hero saves the life of a businessman and also his wealth and health. The movie is filled with ultimate entertainment factors and human emotions. This movie got several awards for its exceptional presentation.

7. The Armour of God Series: The movie is a thrilling piece with Indiana Jones and performance of Chan was a super duper hit for the fighting scenes in it. This movie did very well in theatres and thus followed by many sequels. Many critic s have rated this film with 10/10. With this sequel all films of Chan shook the world with his amazing martial art moves and special effects.

8. Project A series: Release of the movie was in Hong Kong including various parts. It is enriched with various stunts of action and comedy; therefore it is memorable even now for the fans.

9. Heart of Dragon: Sommo Hung directed the action movie of Heart of Dragon and Jackie was awarded the best hero.

10. The Rush Hour film series: The movie series curved a new path in the life of Jackie Chan and brought him lots of success. This film was not been screened in the year 2007 in theatres of china as critics termed it as a foreign film.

The popular movies of Jackie Chan till 2016, acts as a power of explosive energy that divides in to positive and negative halves as a whole after viewing those martial arts. He is true inspiration for many people across for his awesome marshal art.