Top 10 Most Suspenseful Movies Ever Made

Experience the thrill of suspense by watching amazing suspenseful movies of all time till 2016: The season of scary and suspense movies never ends. The suspense movies give birth to immense taste of thrill, fear and suspense altogether of course. Love for suspense movies is always personal to everyone. The shedding of blood and mass killing is the main factor that reigns over the theme of the suspenseful movies. A suspense movie creates thrill and enjoyment but not tension at all.

Here is a collected list of the most suspense movies which ranks among the top movies in the audience till now. The list below is about the top suspenseful movies,

Top 10 Most Suspenseful Movies Ever Made List

let’s have a look at the top 10 most suspenseful movies 2016.

1. Jaws : Released in the year 1975 in an American background is completely based on a Novel by Peter Benchley. The backdrop of the film is Massachusetts. It’s a high time suspense and thriller movie of the era. The movies theme and genre revolves around Sea and the animal .

2. Halloween :- Halloween can be termed as the wonderful thriller and suspense movies of all time. Though released in 1978 still possess the impact of the suspense and horror. The backdrop deals with hospital, psychiatric, doctors. The plot was in Illinois – probably in Midwestern town.

3. Gravity :-2013 saw an amazing British and American science fiction with George Clooney and Alfonso Cuaron. This bring to the theatre the science in nutshell the film envisages with a load of superficial effects, amazing light and sound mixture and sure shot outcome of the teams 3 years of shoot.

4. The Prestige :- Directed by Nolan, starring Hugh Jackman, Michael Caine and Christian Bale. As the name suggest the prestige did bring to the team its huge immapcceble prestige and rightly rated in the line of suspense movies.

5. Exam :- 2009 saw its biggest hit and brought home many awards and appreciations for Stuart Hazeldrin – the director and its crew. Amazing blend of the scenic beauty made its audience forget all stress they had during their exams.

6. Orphan :- Appreciated throughout the world in the year 2009. Featured Vera Farmiga , Isabella Fuhram and Pounder. The director made its debut with this film and filled the script with thrill and horror.

7. Saw :- The suspense movies genre did see its amazing effect with The Saw. Full of blood , suspense and thriller- this movie is the rare combination of the three. Directed by James Wan in the year 2004.

8. Swimming Pool :- A British suspense Movie released in the year 2003 is an unusual story of about 100 minutes. This is an interactive movie between father and daughter with a backdrop of water and urban life. The story highlights the relationship of the daughter and father. This story is also strong and consists of bold scenes where the audience have to move and adjust themselves to their seats once more.

9. Identity : The film was released in the year 2003 and is an amazing movie by James Mangold. This movie is a fantastic movie and therefore has won various awards so far. It is a sort of horror movie where the actors have given their very best to bring out the real impression of the movie. The driver in the movie carefully drives out the bitterly injured wife of the lead actor while his solemn son barely looks on.

10. Jurassic Park : The movie was a blockbuster of 1993 and is marked as the most remarkable lot of the season. As the story goes so far, there are three experts who go out on a voyage to finally discover the genetic code of the frogs along with the dinosaurs. This is how the plot of the story moves on and the climax becomes an interesting piece. John Hammond is the CEO of a well known bioengineering company. This adventure movie still now reigns over millions of hearts and therefore is highly in demand among various age groups. This movie is catchy for the children owing to its special effects and the life-like actions as well as the animations all together. This movie has a super use of cloning technique which has made it a real blockbuster.

The above listed most suspenseful movies are fairly realistic and contain enriched taste of facts and awareness. Suspense movies are always all time favourite among people of all ages. If you still not watched the above listed movies of suspense genre then make sure to watch it very soon.