Top 10 Romantic Korean Movies ,at par with other film industries in creating sensation among movie lovers

Romantic Korean Movies- at par with other film industries in creating sensation among movie lovers: The romantic Korean played an important role in the revolutionary sport in the entertainment industry. There are many Korean movies that are filled with romance and possess the basic backdrop in their own cultural field as well as the genre. The top 10 romantic Korean movies are being highly appreciated in a specific tune all over the world. The popularity of the Korean movies has won many hearts just in the same way the Hollywood or the Bollywood film industry did.

Experience the essence of romance watching the top 10 romantic Korean movies

Here is a list of romantic Korean movies which are ranking among the best in the film world and among the audience as well. Going through the movie list will give you input about the movies which are specially made to make people feel the true essence of love.

Best Romantic Korean Movies 2016 List

Check out the list of romantic Korean movies:

1. My Sassy Girl:- This movie tops the list in this top10 romantic Korean movies list as because of its perfectly woven love story in its own style. It envisages comedy of the modern era. This is a story inspired from an online portal as per the director Kwak Jae-yong. My sassy girl is filled with deep affection and true love with songs interrelated with the story.

2. Christmas in August:- Director Hur jin ho‘s effort gave to the industry a quintessential piece of Korean romance. Here the audience was mesmerised with the music, characters and cinematography. These qualities made this film gain a lot of awards.

3. Daisy:- One must not miss the passion and the charming love story of Daisy which brought home many awards and immense appreciation. Though the movie was the project of Hong Kong but the unit was completely from South Korean. Thus this movie has with it a tinge of both the place. This is a sophisticated love trio who did bring to their life a happy ending after immense struggle.

4. IL Mare: – This II Mare is an outstanding movie in the genre of Romantic Korean Movies. This film was also being remarked in Hollywood in the name of The lake house. People who have watched this romantic piece says that this is a truly fantastic lot among the entire Korean movie.

5. The Classic:-  This picture is a double act of diverse love stories, which happened during corresponding times. The director and the script writer had put their greatest labours in building this picture look remarkable and gave it the wonderful romantic feel this film was pictured flawlessly.

6. Oasis:- Lee Chang-dong’s Oasis is a comprehensive collection of amusement. It is a story of the ex-convict who fell in love with a juvenile lady. The lady regrettably suffers from cerebral palsy. The emotional scenes of the motion picture did make its audience cry and love the film to the utmost. Throughout the movie, one would find various prejudicing moments of the civilization and the love menders through the same.

7. Baby and Me:- The movie Baby and Me was an outstanding romantic Korean movie which is full of rich entertainment as well as fun. It is based on the story of a wonderful and adorable baby with a man. The caressible picturization of the movie is something great about the plot and is has the ability to keep the viewers intact in their seat.

8. 200 Pounds of Beauty:- The romantic Korean movie is a quite-heart touching and loving plot of a story. It is full of emotional scenes and beautiful moments filled with questions that match the actual beauty. The main theme of the story teaches us a lot of beautiful things as the on-screen acting are wonderful and praiseworthy. The viewers are filled with the beauty of the story.

9. Art Museum by the Zoo:- The movie by Lee Jeong Hang a female director, Art museum by the Zoo is really interesting as well too much inspiring movies of the season. The movie is basically for the love birds and the new couples. The fresh romance in the movie and the laughs adage shown off in the movie were beautiful and received a lot of appreciations as well.

10. Failan:- The romantic Korean movie Failan is truly amazing as well as interesting love story of a young girl who relocated to Korea to live with her relatives. There she gets married to a stranger who with the passing away of time shows his deep love and affection for his wife, Failan. After this, there is new move in the story, and their love story begins. This movie was a winner of various awards and huge lot of appreciation as well.

The above mentioned list of Romantic Korean movies has gained huge lot of appreciation and praises.