Top Korean Movies : entertain you and brings to you the culture and tradition of the people

All time best and most popular Korean Movies with new releases and latest hot hits in 2015-2016 list.

What are the best Korean Movies of 2016 : The Korean Film industry has begun to make huge impact on the audience and movie lovers of East Asia for a decade or so. The number of Korean films on screen has increased rapidly over the last decade and it also has each and every element that is capable of attracting new spectators and the attention of the media as well. It is creating great waves in movie making and the film industry throughout the world.

List of amazing top Korean Movies for 2016

The reach of the Korean movies has crossed the barriers of border and have garnered great accolades from every corner of the world. It gives the viewers an amazing experience and also helps them to take a sneak peek inside the life and culture of the Korean people. The movies are the mirror of the society and it also has an amazing impact over their life. The Korean movies have different range of comic, tragic, action as well as historical dramas through which it entertains the audience.

top korean movies list 2016

Below is the list of the 10 most amazing Korean movies for 2016 that you should not miss out.

1. The Target- This film tops the list of the best Korean movies. It is a recreation of the French thriller “the Point Blank” which have a lot of breathtaking effects. This is a full on entertainment movie packed with action and effective story line. Also in the list : Best Romantic Movies