Top Korean Movies : entertain you and brings to you the culture and tradition of the people

2. The Attorney- The movie is considered as one of the best directed realistic films of Korea of all times. With its interesting plat and intriguing nature the story efficiently gathers the attention of its viewers and audience. This movie is must to watch.

3. Koala- Introduced during the Seoul film festival, Koala reflects the creativity and imagination of the Korean directors and writers. The script is well written and is very engaging. It fills the audience with fun and excitement. However the emotional quotient of the film is also very high. Read More : Richest Female Kpop Idols

4. Tazza 2- A sequel of its first part, this movie has topped the chart of best films at the global level. The story of the film is about gamblers and it informs the people about their life giving an insight about it. The amazing story and effective direction has helped the film bag a position at the Top 10 Best Korean Movies 2016.