Popular Romantic Movies Till 2016: Feel the essence of love

Most famous and Popular Top 10 Romantic movies till year 2016: Feel the essence of love :- The best thing about being romantic about a person is that person’s attitude towards their relationship. The perfect idea to grow closer to one another is to curl up in a sofa and watch a wonderful romantic movie together. Romance as discussed is the love that resides between two souls even when they are not closer and are living separated apart. Every film has its own set of charm and beauty yet there are very few movies in Hollywood which still holds its charm and delicacy even with the growing age.

Top 10 Romantic movies of all time 2016

The romantic movies always take the lovers to a different world where they imagine themselves to be with their beloveds. These movies depict the actual theme of romance which is totally a diverse phenomenon. Here is a collection of hit as well as top 10 most famous and romantic movies of all times which still manages to keep the lovers who are very much fascinated with the concept of love.

Top Romantic Movies all Time 2016

Hollywood has presented to the viewers a hit top list of 10 most famous and romantic movies of all times 2016 which have allowed the audience to remain mesmerized and remain in their own world of fantasy. The top 10 romantic movies of all times have recently managed to make a huge comeback in the most recent times.

The lists of the romantic movies till 2016 are as follows:

1. WHEN HARRY MET SALLY: WHEN HARRY MET SALLY is a romantic fun movie to watch. It is one of the most popular Romantic movies of this era. It ruled the heart of millions of romantic movie lovers. This Movie was released in the year 1989 and created sensation in the Box office. Rob Reiner directed this film.

2. TITANIC: An all-time adored top 100 romantic movie of the time is the film of TITANIC and the song, every night in my dreams; “I see you” is the ringtone of many of us even now. The handsome Leonardo de caprio and the Kate Whinslet made the film a super duper hit. The movie has made a permanent place and is reigning supreme in the hearts of millions of movie fans. It was released in the year 1997 under the direction of James Cameron.