Alyssa Mendonsa Top 10 Songs that you will never want to miss

Alyssa Mendonsa top 10 new songs 2016 : that you will never want to miss Alyssa Mendonsa is one of the main entrants of the Indian playback singing in the modern era. She has been amazingly popular and is known for her high quality songs. She had started her career in the Bollywood industry in the year 2010. Though it had only been four years since she had made an entry in the industry but still she has made a great position for herself and has been very successful in this short span of time. She is the daughter of composer Loy Mendonsa of the trio Shankar- Ehsaan- Loy. This singer has the ability to charm her listeners with her wonderful vocal and efficient use of music sense.

Best songs of Alyssa Mendonsa till 2016 that introduces her versatility to you

She has been in the industry and has made a great impact on the mind of her listeners through her wonderful songs that she promises to deliver in the coming years as well. This amazing talent of the Indian music industry is slowly and gradually making her won place in the field and is expected to create some magic in the industry with her songs.

Here is the list of Top 10 songs of this singer Alyssa Mendonsa in 2016 that are wonderful and acoustic and you will surely love to hear on a definite note.

Alyssa Mendonsa Top 10 Songs 2016
1. Ik Junoon – This song from the film Zindagi Na Mielgi Dobara needs a special mention when we talk about the singer. Her wonderful voice efficiently suited the mood and emotion that was required by the song and she has also been known for her wonderful and amazing sense and knowledge of music with which she has given some memorable hits of all time.

2. Khaabon Ke Parindey – This song was also from the film Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. Alyssa is known for her extreme talent and amazing vocal with which she can adore any song. This wonderful composition has the voice of this singer because of which t was immensely popular and very efficient in grabbing the attention of the music lovers of the country. This song deserves a special mention when we talk about Alyssa Mendonsa top 10 songs 2016.

3. Uff Teri ada – This was the song from the film Karthik Calling Karthik that marked the entry of the singer in the Bollywood Industry and since then she is reaching new heights of success. She has been known for her wonderful voice with which she mesmerizes her listeners and is successful in expanding her fan base. She was also nominated for Filmfare Best Female Playback Singer award for this song.

4. Oh Girl Youre Mine – Another hit song that came from Alyssa. This song has everything that makes the people love it and dance on it. It is a perfect love song filled with fun and entertainment and Alyssa managed to carry off the requirement of the feeling that was needed. She has always been known for her thirst to do something better and tremendous and this has helped her to gain acclaim from the critics of the industry.

5. Adhoore – This song boosted the career of the singer and helped her gain wonderful appraisal from her fans and listeners as well as from the critics of the music industry. She creates a wonderful magic at the box office with the help of this song that ruled the chartbuster for a long time. This is one of Alyssa Mendonsa best songs.

6. Papa Jag Jayega – Do you need a fun and entertaining song to set the mood and perfect environment when you are with your friends? Then play this song of Alyssa in the background and feel the music. It has the ability to make you feel good and wonderful and the song also entertains you wonderfully.

7. Baby When You Talk To Me – This song from Patiala House that was released in 2011 was yet another milestone achieved by the singer. She wonderfully managed to make people dance on her song and to enjoy it to the fullest. This song also helped her to establish herself as a great name among the singers of the industry. This song deserves to be mentioned among Alyssa Mendonsa songs lists 2016.

8. Senorita – This song is the best option for you to spend quality time in your own company with a wonderful score being played in the background.

9. Kaun Hai Ajnabi РThis is yet another important and very influential piece of music that has Alyssa’s voice in it.

10. Jee Le Jyada – This song from the film Aatma was highly loved and entertained by the people because of the charming voice of Alyssa.

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of Alyssa Mendonsa

As Alyssa has always entertained her listeners and has delivered some of the best songs for them she is expected to continue the good work in future. She guarantees her fans that she will live up to their expectations and will deliver some of the most amazing songs in 2016 future.

Alyssa Mendonsa new songs 2016 will flatter her fans and will leave them fascinated. Just wait for the latest upcoming songs of this wonderful star which we will reveal soon.