American Authors top 10 new songs that captivates your attention

American Authors is a wonderful rock band that is based in the city of New York. This is a very exclusive and well known band famous mainly because of its unique composition and enormous melody. It is mainly admired for its singles “Best Day of My Life” and “Believer”. The band has not only garnered great attention and accolades from the musical industry but has also been able to win over millions of hearts through their effective work and great music. It is because of their great effort and dedication that they have been able to woo their listeners and carve a special place in their hearts and brain. Numerous songs produced by this band have ruled the chartbusters for many weeks through its effective musical beats and wonderful rhythm.

The team members of this band include the following:

• Zac Barnett
• Matt Sanchez
• James Adam Shelley
• Dave Rublin

Take pleasure in listening to the breathtaking songs produced by American Authors

American Authors new songs have always mesmerized the listeners and have wonderfully grabbed their attention and have brought the band the necessary fame and recognition that is requisite by them. It is through these effectual and amazing musical compositions that the band has become one of the leading bands of the world. It is appreciated and loved by all. American Authors new singles are highly awaited by the fans as they love to experience something unique that is served to them by this group.

American Authors top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming albums and events

Here is the list of top 10 songs 2016 of this band:

1. Best Day of My Life- This is a beautiful song that the band has been able to carve in the minds of music lovers. It has wonderfully etched a unique position for itself in the industry. There is nothing better than to listen to this song and get into a wonderful mood.

2. Believer- through this amazing song the band has grabbed the necessary attention and great acclaim that it deserved. You will not get to listen anything better than this that is developed by this rock band. It became very admired because of its amazing tune and melody. This is one of the best songs of American Authors for 2016.

3. Hit It- the music industry has recognized the importance and value of this band. It has always come up with something amazing and extraordinary and this song is one of the best examples that you can cite. The wonderful composition of the band helps the fans to get connected with this amazing song.

4. Luck- This is a great song that makes you familiar with the beautiful and incredible talent of the band members. You will love to listen to this amazing piece of music whenever you are alone or feeling depressed. This is a great song that uplifts your mood and also enhances it perfectly and also provides calmness for your mind.

5. Keep Me Dreaming- This is an amazing song that makes you perfect and also helps you to get acquainted with the talent of the band members. This is one of the most popular songs of American Authors.

6. Ghost- Nothing can be said about this incredible song as it has the ability to mesmerize you completely. The importance and the deepness of the song cannot be explained in words. The vast range of emotions and wonderful feelings of the song is unparalleled.

7. Trouble- this is one of American Authors top 10 songs 2016. It deserves the position for its wonderful composition and effective lyrics and melody. It enables you to get transported to a different world altogether.

8. Think About It- this band is known for its perfect tunes and music and this song is one of the best examples of their talent.

9. Heart of Stone- this is another important and very valuable song that has been produced by this singer to grab the attention of the listeners. It deserves to be included among American Authors songs list.

10. Love- This is a song that will mesmerize you completely and will also give you a reason to get romantic and show your emotions to your loved ones.

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of American Authors

American Authors upcoming albums are all set to entertain their fans and give them some wonderful songs that they can enjoy during any time of their day and in any mood. The amazing band has also received great acclaim from the critics to deliver great piece of music. Keep visiting this section at regular interval, as here we are going to present you latest news about this band and its upcoming albums, singles as well as concerts.

American Authors latest songs 2016 will be cherished by the listeners because they will be able to gain something distinctive and exclusive. Don’t go away and be with is for more updates about American Authors.