Anushka Machhanda Top 10 Songs: newbie singing sensation of the Bollywood Industry

Anushka Machhanda: newbie singing sensation of the Bollywood Industry: Anushka Machhanda is an Indian singer and model and also an ex video jockey of the Channel [V]. She also represents as well as sings in an Indi pop group of girls named Viva. But the group has spitted out due to differences now. She basically uses international tunes and electronic beats in her wonderful piece of art that is loved and adored by all. Her songs are wonderfully famous mostly among the youngsters. Anushka Machhanda is one such singer who has helped to bring revolutionized changes in the music industry of India. She frequently appears in the video with certain piece of music now a day over the Television channels.

Best songs of Anushka Machhanda 2016 which will make anyone his absolute fan

Anushka Machhanda, the singer has tried her luck in different types of music and television work, remixes, and hummable songs and has also experienced great success and popularity throughout India. She appeared in the film, Dulha Mil Gaya, in a cameo role which gained acclaims from the critics. She basically stepped in the industry as a playback singer therefore she made her place strong in this particular genre. The youngsters remain engaged in the songs of this singer especially who are music freaks.

Anushka Machhanda top Songs List all time

The list of Anushka Machhanda top 10 songs are as follows

1. Dil Khol ke lets rock : the music is a composition by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy actually from the movie, We are Family. The song sets the mood to party and tap the feet to this number. The song has lyrics that the youngsters feel connected with the song. This song definitely deserves to be among Anushka Machhanda top 10 songs 2016.

2. Mit Jaye Gum : This song is from the movie Dum Maro Dum. Here the song is sung in a different style which touches the heart of the listeners in a different way.

3. Ek main aur ek tu : In this song she gained popularity owing to her awesome vocal quality and she created a mesmerizing atmosphere with her singing of course. The success of the song grabbed the attention of the music composers and once again she made her entry to Bollywood grandly.

4. Golmaal title track : the title track of the movie has won many praise and accolades of the the public altogether. The song is among the popular tracks that make people go crazy and dance to their own wish. This song deserves to be among Anushka Machhanda best songs.

5. Allah Duhai Hai : It is yet another track that has created a history in the world music. This song has gained respect and fame from all corners of the world. Through this song she established herself in the Bollywood industry. It has energetic lyrics and wonderful art of music formation which can set the floor on fire.

6. Naughty Naughty : The song is from the movie Cash. It is a trendy song which is mainly produced with the aim to attract the young generations towards the music world all the more. This is one of the major songs that is played in different parties and get together of friends and even family members.

7. Chandni Chowk to China : This amazing music was sung by Anushka Machhanda for the film Chandni Chowk to China. The lip to the song was given by Deepika Padukone. This was amazingly popular when it released and it is still very important music for different events.

8. Zindegi Rocks : Critics acclaimed for the song and therefore managed to declare Anushka Machhanda to be ranking among the popular singers of the world. The song gained different popularity among the listeners.

9. Dil Na Jane Kiyu : This story is from the movie basically on a love story named Jayanta babu ki love story. She was praised and appreciated for her work from the critics and has also won the nominations for several awards owing to the superb singing she did.

10. Life is a Game : The song was sung by Anushka Machhanda and it has the wonderful feeling of amazing tune attached with it that has made the music freaks mesmerized. This song of Anushka has helped her to take a step further in her career and to wonderfully get appreciations and accolades from people.

Upcoming songs and albums in 2016 of Anushka Machhanda:

Youngsters need songs with which they can enjoy and can set their mood accordingly and only a singer with influential voice can do so. Undoubtedly Anushka Machhanda is one such name who has given hits to her fans and also helped the people to get some groovy music to party. They can include in their music list when they plan to set their mood right.

Anushka Machhanda new songs 2016 will definitely entertain her fan followings with some more ideas and music to dance on.