Avicii top 10 new songs that is loved by his fans

Avicii is one of the most popular DJ, singer and recorder. His real name is Tim Bergling but he has been famous throughout the world with his stage name, Avicii. This Swedish record producer is among the top 100 DJs of the world and he has also been nominated for Grammy Award for his wonderful and exclusive work. He has been credited with huge number of popular tracks that has helped him to take a step ahead in his career and be at the position from where he is ruling the hearts of millions of people. His career began in 2007 and since then there has been no looking back as he has gained success after accomplishment. But the main high point in the life of this DJ was when “Levels” released in 2011. It was then that he got to launch himself into the mainstream and became extremely famous at the national and international level. Today he is a well known name who is earning great respect and accolades from different parts of the world his wonderful abilities.

Wonderfully entertaining songs 2016 of Avicii which you must listen

His fans are located all around the world are looking forward for his new work through which they want to get entertained. Avicii new songs 2016 are always looked forward by them and they wait to hear what this DJ and singer has kept in store for them. They always expect him to come up with something unique and through Avicii new singles the fans are never disappointed.

Avicii top 10 songs 2016 list and upcoming events

Here is the list of top 10 songs of Avicii that is always loved an appreciated by his fans:

1. Levels- this is an amazing song that have great and fabulous music and the lyrics is also very attractive. It is through the help of this song that you will get acquainted with the talent of the DJ and will also fall in love with his wonderful work.

2. Wake Me Up- This is a unique song of Avicii that definitely woos his audience and helped them to enjoy his work and connect with it. This is an amazing song that you will love to experience and which also makes you feel awesome. It is one of Avicii top 10 songs 2016.

3. I Could Be the One- this is probably one of the best songs of Avicii that has entertained the listeners and will continue to do even in future. This is one track that will amuse you and will also give you an opportunity to enjoy each and every single beat of it.

4. Silhouettes- Not a single fan of Avicii can disagree on the popularity of this song. Everyone loves to hear it again and again and it is through this wonderful track that they have been able to know the skill of the actor in a much better way.

5. Hey brother- This song of Avicii is a result of wonderful culmination of music and lyrics along with great vocal. It deserves to be among the leading list of the songs of this DJ and it is just awesome to hear.

6. Seek Bromance- The song is characterized with great music, awesome beat and amazing lyrics. It is just an incredible work of Avicii that cannot be ignored. It makes you dance whenever you listen to it and is a perfect companion for your wonderful mood.

7. Fade into Darkness- this song definitely needs no introduction as it has made many listeners go crazy for it. It has an amazing beat accompanied with a great feel that will never let you be alone. It deserves to be among Avicii songs list.

8. You Make Me- Wonderful vocals along with great beat and music is what the song is made up of. This is a good and elegant song that will make you fall in love with its music. It is among one of the most popular songs of Avicii.

9. Sunshine- This is a great song with wonderful music that is unparalleled and unique in nature. The song is just fantastic and it is capable of blowing your mind away with its wonderful music.

10. X You- this is an extremely entertaining song that informs you about the power and capability of Avicii through its wonderful tunes and great music. It is among one of the best songs of Avicii in 2016.

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of Avicii which are about to hit the floor

He is all ready to entertain his fans and give them a chance to cherish through his songs through his latest work. Avicii upcoming albums include:

• Coming soon….

Avicii latest songs 2016 are surely going to mesmerize his fans and also help him to garner great accolades from the listeners. Keep visiting this section regularly to stay updated about latest news of this star and upcoming songs 2016. Stay tuned with us and keep visiting this space for more news about Avicii.