Beyonce top 10 new songs which will make you mad for her voice

Beyonce is an American female actor as well as a singer. When she was in her teen ages, she performed a lot of concert. She is truly a beautiful rockstar of her age. Dangerously in Love is her first album. It releases on 2003. It was a super duper hit. She has been awarded for Grammy award for this song. This folder was the greatest advertising album of the time. By this album she has been admired universal. She even successfully introduces herself as an actress. This outstanding vocalist has captivated her audiences through her superb and unbelievable music and furthermore has helped her build her audience level.

Beyonce best pleasurable songs 2016 which make your feet tap on the dance floor

She has created a huge number of marvelous songs in a petite time. Her glut of fans is aloft with each transitory day especially with the amount of music that she comes up with. She has been selected for her many admirable songs and has won a lot of awards. This tremendous singer has currently has revolve into a bright appear of the swelling tune of film industry. She is one such singer of this musical world whose melodious voice will make all music lovers addicted to her voice for sure. If you are one among that group of people who are true fan of Beyoncé, then we are sure you will be aware of the fact about her capability of presenting a song in an amazing way to the audience.

Beyonce top 10 songs 2016 list

Her top 10 songs are which no one should miss:

1. Single Ladies – Single ladies is one of the nicest songs of Beyonce song tracks. It released on 2008. This song has taken from I Am… Sasha Fierce. Beyonce has won the Grammy award.

2. Halo – Halo released on 2008. This song has taken from I Am… Sasha Fierce. She has won the MTV song award for this song.

3. Listen – It released on 2006. This song is taken from the folder B’day. Henry Krieger is the narrator of this song. This is one of the most popular songs of Beyonce.

4. Run the world – It released on 2011. This song is taken from the album named, 4. This song was one of the best songs of Beyonce.

5. Drunk in love – Drunk in love released in the year 2013. This song is based on the vocal rap whose rapping section is done by Jay Z. This is one of the Beyonce top 10 songs 2016.

6. Say yes- Say yes is a song which has sung by Beyonce and Michael Williams. It was released on 2014. This song had made for Journey to freedom.

7. If I were a Boy – This song was made for the album I am…. Sasha Fierce. It was released on 2008. This song is written by Toby Gad and BC Jean. This is ranking among the finest songs of Beyonce songs list.

8. Love on top – This song was on the rampage in the year 2011. This song has been undertaken from Album 4. Beyonce has won Grammy award and social train song award for the success of the song.

9. Upgrade U– It was released on the later edge of 2006. This song has been taken from B’day album. This is the second album of Beyonce track record. This song also has a rapper section, which was done by Jay z.

10. Pretty Hurts – It released on 2014. This song impacted the conventional radio. Katy Perry is the writer of this song. This is one of Beyonce new singles

Upcoming songs and events 2016 of Beyonce for which you all are waiting

Beyonce created liberal vast hits till the time the public who want astounding additional from her in the coming year outmoded to absolute this superb singer is recital hard to craft her fans and listeners craft relaxed. We are concerning the authenticity that as the day will steps ahead there will be an amount of Beyonce new songs which will undeniably sooth and glee your ears.

There are few albums which will be releasing in the year 2016. Her new projects of 2016 are now continuing course of action. Now she is eager to choose the best for her listeners. Her fans are enthusiastically waiting for her the newest songs. Beyonce upcoming albums will be respected by her addressees.

Her fans are eagerly waiting for his latest songs. Beyonce latest songs 2016 are indubitably to captivate its fans and to acquire accolades as of more listeners who want a huge melody for dancing. It’s time to currently dangle around and look at to notice the next slot of songs as of Beyonce conclusion. We will update you soon about the latest upcoming songs of Beyonce.