Blake Shelton top 10 new songs – the voice that entertains every music lover

Blake Shelton is an American lead singer born on 18th June 1976. The Hollywood music industry has been an experienced platform where the colossal talents have found their own meaning. This multi- talented singer has charmed the heart of the listeners with that his ideal and glorious music. He has also helped his fans to ease something elite and extraordinary. His pliant singing has left him a good choice for the music creators of the realm to favor him further than others. Blake Shelton is also a television star. He has started his music career by his song named, Austin. This song was certified as the gold song of the year.

Blake Shelton the best top 10 songs 2016 which you will surely love to listen

Blake Shelton top songs are always mesmerized by his listeners. He has been chosen for many awards like the best vocal artist award, the best choice award, main voice award, the best vocal country artist award etc. He is also well accepted widely as a judge on various television shows. People all over the world have praised him for grand job he is up to. The level of country music has risen wonderfully with the performance of this star. The above listed songs are selected by our team of experts in this field. Keep the demand and taste of fans of this star in mind the selection is made. We can assure you that when you listen to these numbers you will just love it. On the other way round if you are not yet a fan of this star, then take a chance to her these songs. We are confident after listening to these awesome numbers you will end up becoming his fan for sure.

Blake Shelton top 10 songs list 2016 and upcoming songs and events

His top 10 songs are:

1. Ol Red – This is the third single song from his own name album Blake Shelton. It releases on 2001. It is an eccentric song about penitentiary. This is one of the Blake Shelton new singles.

2. Sure be cool if you did – It releases on 2013 and has made for the album based on a true story. It is a contemporary country music which releases on radio firstly. This is one of Blake Shelton‘s top 10 songs 2016.

3. Some Beach – This song has made for the music folder, Blake Shelton Barn and Grill which released on 2004. It was a golden selling single. This song is one of the best songs of Blake Shelton.

4. Austin – Blake Shelton has started his career with this song Austin, this song has made for his personal name album, Blake Shelton that released on 2001. This song is based on a true story.

5. Draggin the river – This song has taken from the album all about night which released on 2010. It is a duo song with Miranda Lambert.

6. She wouldn’t be gone – Startin Fires is the mother album of this song which released on 2008. It is a very painful song and it contains so much regretful lines.

7. Goodbye Time – This song has made for the music folder, Blake Shelton Barn and Grill that released on 2004. This song is all about the resignation reflection of the good bye time. It contains very powerful and emotional lines. This is one of the best songs of Blake Shelton.

8. Who are you when I am not looking? – It is a super hit song. This song has taken from the album all about night which released on 2010. This song is about romance, passion, true bonding and love chemistry.

9. Honey Bee – This song is the number ninth song among his solo songs. It is a very popular song and has been appreciated by many. This is one of the best songs in Blake Shelton songs list.

10. Hillbilly Bone – Trace Adkins and Blake Shelton are the singers of this song. It is a twosome from the same forename music book named, hillbilly bone. It was released on 2010. This song has a very humorous video which is liked and appreciated by many.

Upcoming songs an events 2016 of Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton latest songs 2016 are all set with the happiness that is enough to give joy to his fans. He is busy with his projects since the beginning of 2016. The eminent singer is going to give loads of musical stage shows in the coming year of 2016.

Blake Shelton upcoming albums 2016 will surely be appreciated by his audience. Audience is relatively optimistic about the pragmatism that as the day will ladder frontward there will be an extent of Blake Shelton new songs. It would be completely sway away the listeners from their foot and please them wonderfully.

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